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    Rock of Love 2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Christa My husband will die when he sees there is a 2nd season of this show. couldn't have said it better, Christa!!! My dh would walk in & roll his eyes last season . . . I totally missed it last night!!! *POUT* I'll have to dvr it for next week unless I can catch it on in Jamaica - Ya think LOL!
  2. robindepaula

    New to the forums

    to the forum . . . you'll love it here. Lots of great information to be gathered from all these helpful ladies & gents!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  3. robindepaula

    Hair ???? AGAIN!

    The guy that did Angela's (cheese_diva) was really good . . . you may want to pm her for details.
  4. robindepaula

    Riviera Maya bride...I think...

    to the forum . . . Rivera Maya is a gorgeous setting for a dw!! June will be hot, but don't let that stop you . . . you'll find lots of great resources here. Happy planning . . . Robin
  5. robindepaula

    Playa Del Carmen Bride

    to the forum . . . you've definetely come to the right place for help in planning your wedding.
  6. robindepaula

    Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica

    WOW, the ROR group is steadily increasing in #'s!! Congrats & welcome to the board . . . Happy planning! Robin
  7. robindepaula

    New and Planning a Vegas Wedding!

    Welcome to the forum . . . Vegas is awesome!!! Red Rock which is off the strip is great!!!!
  8. robindepaula

    San Juan Wedding

    I'm shooting a wedding in Old San Juan in June for another BDW member . . . wedding is at The Gallery Inn - which by the photos looks phenominal!!!
  9. robindepaula

    Hair ???? AGAIN!

    So you already had paid her & now she's decided that she doesn't do weddings?? That is really not good business . . .
  10. robindepaula

    Gran Bahia Newbie

    to the forum, Colleen!
  11. robindepaula

    Heidi have a great first day!!!

    Have a great day, Heidi!!!
  12. I'm so excited that I get to meet Jenn & Sam on Thursday!!! I've only talked with her by phone & email, so can't wait!!! I'll put some teasers up as soon as I can.
  13. robindepaula

    Fiji Wedding

    Welcome to the forum . . . you'll get lots of useful information from the brides here as you plan your dream dw!!! Happy planning . . . Robin
  14. Yari - your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks great on you!
  15. robindepaula

    Key West Destination

    Key West seems like an awesome location. No real help that I could provide, just wanted to say hi & congrats!! Happy planning . . . Robin