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Jellyfish Restaurant

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#2971 Mrsoats

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 09:56 AM

@Mrsoats I'm freaking out right now... My ceremony is 3 weeks away and no one has contacted me to let me know who is now in charge of planning or taking Mayte place. I talked to her last night and she doesn't know either


I'm FREAKING OUT!! I've been trying to reach Isaac from JF but no response.

Call Isaac directly right now. I spoke to him approx an hour ago on the phone. Call his US number and it will connect you to him in Punta Cana. He's probably getting a million emails right now. 

I was VERY stressed out when I heard and realized it could be worse like your situation and I truly feel for you. In all honesty I'm not sure what I would do if i were you. But I can tell you this, I went for a site visit to Kukua, Jellyfish and Huracan (mayte is there now) and Huracan was completely out of the question, didn't even think for a second I would choose this place. Unfortunately to me its too rustic.... the beach isn't private, it has low ceilings, sand practically inside the restaurant, and alot of pillars/columns that make the place feel less open. Although i would love to follow Mayte I cannot if thats my only choice. Id rather take the chance somewhere else :(

Goodluck with everything! Please keep me updated on your decisions and what you find out as I may end up back at Jellyfish in the end.

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 03:31 PM

@MrandMrsBonitto2016 Hey girl! Can you send me that pricing info as well?! drenna@gmail.com Thanks!

@MrsMartinez2B Sorry I'm late to the party. LOL. But can you forward me your info too?! drenna@gmail.com Thanks!

Hey Not sure if you got pricing info already and I'm sorry for the dely but i'll get it right over to you , I haven't been on the forum and not sure if you've heard but Mayte is no longer at the JF ... many brides are looking into other venues ... however for me my wedding is in 3 months and i've already invested to much to move ... also I do really like the location and JF feel i'm crossing my fingers and hoping they can deliver ... at this point i can't stress and just happy to marry my love on the beach with my closest family and friends

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    Posted 04 May 2014 - 06:09 PM

    Hey, I just came on here to find out if anyone here knows what's going on.


    Yesterday, Mayte came on to say that the owners of Jellyfish have decided to take over things for themselves and they fired her.


    I am now hearing several stories and I am sure the truth is somewhere in the middle. Basically, the owners of JF say that Mayte was upcharging brides and keeping the difference for herself. There are some things that would make more sense now based on this, if this is true (she started emailing brides from her personal account and told them not to use the jellyfish email, she was asking brides several times not to share invoices, isaac/gabriel started getting on the facebook page more often and answering questions themselves, they started letting people use cc for the vendors - apparently for a paper trail). This all supposedly started when her daughter passed and she was out for a month, they noticed the upcharges when they had access to her emails. They told her not to do it again and somehow stopped her from upcharging on things like food/liquor, but then she continued with things on the vendors, like rentals and whatnot. One of the girls on that page told me in a PM that she asked 3x for a price list and Mayte insisted on her filling out forms and getting a quote and that 2 of her friends wanted to have their weddings there and Mayte wouldn't send them the prices, either. There was also a bit of a mishap a few months ago when a new price list for 2014 was published in the group and then almost immediately taken down, but some girls (including me) had already seen it and a lot of things had increased pricing and there was a new charge for wedding planning (separate from the decor).


    Mayte says that it's all not true. A few months ago, they split the wedding side from the restaurant side and stopped paying her, so the only money she made was for the decor, even though she was still responsible for dealing with and booking all the vendors. Another bride has posted a letter from Mayte on another one of those facebook groups. One of the brides told me in PM that Mayte said the JF owners just wanted one of their daughters to take her spot and fired her. Same bride also told me that Mayte wouldn't send her a price list (or two her 2 friends who were also interested in booking there) and just asked them to fill out the forms for a price quote.


    But then I saw an invoice from a bride who had about 85 people in March and compared it to the 2013 price list and it was pretty much on point. The decor fee was $3k, but it says on the price list that it goes up if you have over 50 guests. The cake was like $520, but that is about $6/person so that makes sense.


    From JF, they said that this all blew up the other day when a bride said she wanted to pay by cc for the vendors and Mayte insisted on her paying in cash. They got into a fight, she went to the owners, and they had enough and fired her for it (having already spoken to her before in Sept or something like that and having switched their policy to allow for cc payments on the vendors to get a paper trail on her).


    I would love to find out who that bride was who had her wedding on May 2 (I believe is the date) and find out what is going on. I know another bride on JF posted this past Wed that she felt she had been upcharged. Isaac says he has proof and receipts that Mayte charged the brides too much, which I would love to see if that really exists.


    I don't know what to believe. I can't see how someone who pours their heart and soul into weddings would then steal from the brides, but I do know it's possible for her to have considered it part of her fee and justified it to herself as not stealing and her being deserving of it (and she's probably deserving of more than a $1500 decor fee for everything that she does, which goes beyond just decor). Honestly, I didn't really expect that the price we were paying for the vendors were the same price that they were charging JF. I figured JF was making some sort of profit on it and I wouldn't have really been upset to find that.


    Here's what was written on the Now Larimar/Jellyfish Brides

    My side of the story? I have not a side, this las two years I been so busy with all the brides, I didn´t see any of that coming. I always work alone, mails, plannings, meetings, vendors, decor, cakes, flowers, my daughter, I sepnd more time in the JF than with my daughter and this hurt me so much, this is my side of the stoty, of the very beginer when I arrived to JF, I was the manager, I sart to make weddings there and I build as you see until now, inside the restaurant, menus, service, cocktails, running the restaurant, etc... and the bussiness grows so fast and so much. On November, the owner decide, to separed the restaurant bussnes from the weddings, That means I was not pay any more for the wedding planner service or the hours that means, just for decorations, but I still be in charge with vendors. Brides only pay me for decorations, the restaurant don´t pay me for wedding planner or any job, like you know the buisness is now a wedding every day. I felt so much pressure and bad energy with me being there and new people coming, so I didn´t feel like a team, I ask for a meeting for to know what happend and that was the result, they decided to control everything.

    The sound company is from Isaac, he is the one you pay for the sound and for I can see yesterday, my last wedding there, a truck comes with boxes with decor, similars as I have, so his daughter will care about that. For sure, she can copy what I done before, but the way I make the things is with love and that is inside me, my magic is inside me as well.

    For me , I respect his decission, is his bussines and he think is the best.

    I´m here, I´m still the same!! I have open doors in all Punta Cana, I have another beautifull venue for to work and I will try to rebuilding my self and heal, if I can!! I miss so much my baby, but is time to cry her, fight for her, I´m still in trail!! and give all my love and passion to my brides wants to continued with me.

    I´m so grateful with you and all the brides you been with me in that time, you save my life!! and I will thank you JF for allow me to have you in my life.

    That´s the part of my story.

    Un abrazo



    I also heard from someone that they took all her decor. Then, I heard that they had ordered boxes of all the same decor that she had (or similar) so that they would have the decor to replace it.


    I hear all these great stories and great reviews of MAYTE. Not so much Jellyfish - sure the food is good and the service is good, but what really makes the weddings unique and worth it is MAYTE. Over and over again, brides say it's Mayte.


    The reason I'm torn is because if JF really fired Mayte for no good reason and is slandering her name, I really don't want to give people like that my business. On the other hand, if Mayte was upcharging brides and pocketing the money, that's really deceitful. I just don't know what to think.


    I have emailed Mayte, Isaac and Katya. I'm waiting to hear back to figure out how to go forward. Huracan Cafe does have my date available. Jellyfish has 3 weddings this week that Katya is photographing, so she's going to post pix of that quickly she said to let us know.  I haven't made a decision and I'm not taking sides. I can see both sides as being plausible right now, so I don't know what to think.


    I wanted to update everyone and if anyone is interested in talking more and sharing info and whatnot, I am willing to hear it. I would love to know all the information before making another decision. I just can't picture Mayte as being a thief, but I also can't think that JF would be dumb enough to fire her after all she does and all the reviews that talk about HER as being the reason for having your wedding at JF. That would be the worst business move ever!! Anyway, I don't really come on here a lot, so feel free to send me an email - xkittix@gmail.com. 


    In the meantime, for the brides who are having their wedding soon and don't have time to switch their venues, do not worry. I honestly believe that JF will go above and beyond especially now to prove that they can handle the wedding ide of things even without Mayte. Let's not forget that she was gone for a month and the brides still had great weddings during that time, I didn't hear a single complaint about how things were run while she was gone for a month after her daughter's passing. I know they have decor and the vendors are apparently not gone, either. For the most part, things will be the same. Hopefully Mayte's assistant and the owner's daughter (I think they have a team of 3 now) will be able to replace Mayte. I understand Mayte is one of a kind and her weddings are unique, creative and personal, but I hope that the other wedding planners there have learned from her and have the same passion for weddings that she did. I am sure your weddings will be fine, so do not freak out! I am sure you're still in good hands.

    She just posted this 15 minutes ago:


    earts brides,

    I been reading all your concenrs, I know you are in Panic mode, I feel so sorry for that,. For to answer you some of your concerns, yes!! The decorations are mines, I been collect trought all the years, buying by my self, for you, all my decorations has been design for every one of you, all the details are part of you, a piece of your soul still with me.

    About this situation, I just can be so grateful with Jellyfish restaurant for to give the oportunity to know you and be part of your lifes just for one day, for that and for more, they had been like family to me for years, apperently they don´t feel the same.

    That is really hard for you, is not fare you are in the midle of situation, either you and me créate, but is so bad they are defame me as an excuse. I don´t need to defend me for nothing, I been always so honest and transparente with you and that is not the way to answer your questions. You are the one needs to be atended and give you a real solution, NOT LIES. Ask to all past bride, really know me.

    In less than 24h, a lots of brides ask for deposit back for to come with me, after that Lies about me began.

    I have nothing but good things to say about Jellyfish, I felt and I work like it was mine for almost 7 years, I gave more time to the restaurant , than I give you to my life and that cost me really expensive price.

    All of that, looks like a bussines issue, that happens in all bussines, but for me being your wedding planner is not just a jobo or a bussines, is my life.

    If they want to defame me, well!! Maybe needs to do that for the bussines, like the owner say to me a lots of times, play the players, but I don´t want to follow , we are talking about your wedding date!!! And that is a day can´t be repeat or replay. For you is the most important day in your lifes, that is what we talking about and you are free to belive and think whatever you want.

    This is my last coment, that is not the way I´m as a profesional or personal.
    I don´t want to follow this as it looks, I´m not a player, I have a big reason for to spend time and is just to give you solutions and dreams come true!!

    If you want to contact me:



    don't want to put it on there bc I know she didn't want Jellyfish having it and I'm not sure if anyone from Jellyfish comes on here.


    I know Mayte now is with Huracan Cafe. Her sister-in-law works there (Amore) as the wedding coordinator and I believe Mayte has done 2 weddings there. Apparently, while she was out, Jellyfish gave one of the brides (Madeline) dates away to another bride. When Mayte returned, the bride said she sat her down, told her and they both cried together about it. Mayte got her together with Huracan and paid for everything herself (the bride just had to cover food/drinks) and decorated the church for her, then she had to attend to the other wedding and left it in the hands of Amore. This wedding is pictured on Asia Pimental's blog.


    There is also another facebook group - Huracan Cafe Brides by Mayte Marie or something like that - I would recommend joining that, as well.


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    Posted 05 May 2014 - 06:17 AM

    @Mrsoats I was able to speak to Isaac and found out that it's going to be him, his brother, and another lady who will now be in charge of doing everything. I'm talking to my hubby to see what we are going to do. To me, it's what Mayte has done that drawed me to JF. She does something magical and that's what I want for my day. Katya (my photographer) will be shooting there so she will be sending me pic so that I can see what they do without Mayte.

    I will keep you updated.....smh at this mess..

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      Posted 06 May 2014 - 11:10 AM

      Wow, I'm really glad I've been stalking this thread because I had no idea any of this has been going on! I already paid my deposit but now I'm not so sure that I even want to proceed with having my wedding there (although my wedding is not until Fall of next year). Does anyone know the refund policy for deposits?

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        Posted 08 May 2014 - 01:35 AM

        Hey lovely ladies! I accidentally found out all this is going on! I had no idea and I was calm that Mayte is there for everything. I'm freaking out right now! Lol Not sure what to do. Our wedding is in August. Who is having their wedding there for sure? I would love tto share some thoughts ....
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          Posted 09 May 2014 - 12:33 AM

          @shaeshae18 Thank you just joined the group! ;)

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            Posted 09 May 2014 - 05:29 AM

            bullsh*t is really what it is.  Can someone please give me the owners number.  Why I don't have this already is beyond me. I feel like a sucka. July Wedding.

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              Posted 09 May 2014 - 06:13 PM



              I AM FREAKING OUT. 

              WHAT DO I DO?!

              #2980 MrsMartinez2B

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              Posted 10 May 2014 - 08:07 AM



              I AM FREAKING OUT. 

              WHAT DO I DO?!





              These are 3 groups to Join everyone is devestated ... My wedding is August 2 2014 I'm inches from following Mayte ... You need to join the groups on FB to know whats going on and make a good decision for yourself speak to Mayte and Isaac , here is Mayte's email (mayteweddingdesignerpuntacana@gmail.com), and here is Isaac's # its a Miami # he should pick up 954-459-1721

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