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    Dominican Republic~Kukua/ Staying at Dreams Palm Beach
  1. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club Brides (2014,2015,2016)

    If you go on the website you can find that info. And what you don't find Bego will send to you. She replies super quick!!
  2. Happy Wedding Day!!!! I hope your day is everything you've dreamed of
  3. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Wedding of our dreams

    Did you enjoy the nightlife at the resort? I'm getting married off the resort. But, my guest and I are staying here.
  4. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club Brides (2014,2015,2016)

    Bego is amazing!!!!! You truly can't go wrong with any of the venues in Punta Cana.
  5. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club Brides (2014,2015,2016)

    I choose Dreams Palm Beach as well. It was a struggle for me. But, I'm very happy with my choice. So are you a Kukua Bride yet?
  6. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Make-Up & Hairstylist In Punta Cana

    Check a post I made a few months back. It should be helpful. Good Luck
  7. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Show Them Off)

    Tried on dresses this weekend. Think we found a winner????
  8. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    How Did You Do It?

    I actually switched to Kukua. After add-ons an offsite location seemed less expensive.
  9. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club Brides (2014,2015,2016)

    @@racht33 I didn't look at the others. Only because I don't personally like the ship docked at Huracan and Jellyfish had too many bystanders in peoples photos. And I love how fast Bego is with emails. However, people rave about Mayte's work and she does do a wonderful job for the brides she serve. This forum is a huge help:)
  10. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club-Punta Cana?

    @@racht33 I'm going to go with the Royalton. I wanted to have my wedding at Paradisus originally, but after you add all the extras you spend the same as off the resort. And I like the one on one attention you get off the resort. Bego is really amazing and sweet and she responds very quickly!
  11. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club-Punta Cana?

    Not a problem @@racht33 sent
  12. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Kukua Beach Club-Punta Cana?

    @@racht33 Decor for 50ppl is a total of 1000.00 if you add fresh flowers and tiffany chairs those things cost extra. @@racht33 my invoice actually states 600.00 for ceremony set-up and 600.00 for the decoration place and tables. Hope this helps.
  13. MrandMrsBonitto2016

    Please Help Me Choose A Dress!

    You look amazing in both. But, I'm team number two