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  1. I am so sorry for all of the brides such as myself that are "STUCK" in the stupid position. Do not freak out! Weigh your options. Jellyfish or follow Mayte or some other amazing idea that you will come up with. Either way, it WILL work out. @@shaeshae18 - thank you
  2. bullsh*t is really what it is. Can someone please give me the owners number. Why I don't have this already is beyond me. I feel like a sucka. July Wedding.
  3. @alexisinjamaica - can you send the program temeplate if you still have it as well - AMINAH215@@gmail.COM THNX HUN
  4. @alexisinjamaica Can you please let me know how and where you created the logo? Thanks!
  5. Whew!! i went through an awful lot just to log into this site. If you could please PLEASE let me know how and where you downloaded the logo?! It's super cute. I have been eyeing your thread for months now hoping I could find it on my own. Any info you have would be great.
  6. Hi there! Can you please send the organizer to me as well (I know you have sent several) . AMINAH215@GMAIL.COM. It's def appreciated! Thanks
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by vas2014 I can’t explain how excited we are that we just confirm our date with Mayte. Now we can send out “save the dates†and start planning. We decide not to tell our guess we will be hosting our wedding off the resort but I’m sure everyone will love Jellyfish, as we did. This will be an exciting weekend. Can any confirmed Jellyfish brides please share: How long after were you notified that your date was confirmed? The process for confirming was just sending a check? Was there any contract written with any more specific details?
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by elysefrancey I totally wish I could open these attachments I feel like all the answers to my questions are just a fustrating click away - If anyone is able to please PM this info, email me at AMINAH215@GMAIL.COM or just send a letter in a bottle. Thanx ladies
  9. I agree with you! I am getting stressed out just looking at this thread and I am at exactly the same stage of planning as you. OMG
  10. Hello there, I have been searching high and low for the information on a Jellyfish reception - can you please email details? aminah215@gmail.com Thanks much!
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