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  1. Call Isaac directly right now. I spoke to him approx an hour ago on the phone. Call his US number and it will connect you to him in Punta Cana. He's probably getting a million emails right now. I was VERY stressed out when I heard and realized it could be worse like your situation and I truly feel for you. In all honesty I'm not sure what I would do if i were you. But I can tell you this, I went for a site visit to Kukua, Jellyfish and Huracan (mayte is there now) and Huracan was completely out of the question, didn't even think for a second I would choose this place. Unfortunately to me its too rustic.... the beach isn't private, it has low ceilings, sand practically inside the restaurant, and alot of pillars/columns that make the place feel less open. Although i would love to follow Mayte I cannot if thats my only choice. Id rather take the chance somewhere else Goodluck with everything! Please keep me updated on your decisions and what you find out as I may end up back at Jellyfish in the end.
  2. In case you all haven't heard Mayte is no longer at JF. I guess we will see what happens over the next few weddings... I'm not sure about their refund policy, I think you just need to contact them and see what they say.
  3. YAY! I paid my deposit today and officially locked in my date for JF! Can't wait to start planning
  4. Ok Canadian brides... easiest and cheapest way to send the deposit????
  5. Past brides or for anyone that knows for sure... how long is the drive from Majestic to Jellyfish???? I was under the impression it was only about 20min but someone mentioned to me 40min.... what is correct? Big difference
  6. Past Jellyfish brides that only rented the bottom and beach out.... did randoms end up coming to eat at the restaurant upstairs and did it bother you? Thanks
  7. LOL no....... I'm such an indecisive person its crazy!!! Have you????
  8. well for pictures i just googled Huracan Cafe wedding... theres only been 2 weddings there so far. I emailed them for more info. Its cute but a little too rustic for me. Plus the beach wasn't very private for the ceremony compared to JF and Kukua.
  9. Also one more question! For brides that didn't pay AMEX or credit card for their restaurant portion but paid in cash...do you still pay the 18% taxes?!!? If you pay cash in most countries you don't pay the tax lol...... anyone know the answer to this question or ever asked Mayte or Isaac?? Also still hoping someone has answers to my previous questions!
  10. Past or present brides I have a couple questions for you I forgot to find out when I did my site visit and well emailing is impossible to get a response.... Does anyone know if that bridal suite is air conditioned? I want tiffany/chiavari chairs for the ceremony and reception. I noticed some past brides with "upgraded" chairs during the ceremony but they always seem to use the Jellyfish chairs for the reception. Is that by choice or can you not use the tiffany chairs for the reception? If you can, do they charge you for a second set of chairs or do they just move the chairs inside after the ceremony???? Help please!
  11. I liked Royalton better for a couple reasons.... Newer, I found each and every worker was very smiley and wanted to chat with you while I found some Now Larimar employees were not so nice and pleasant. The rooms were fine in Now Larimar and standard rooms come with a jacuzzi while Royaltons don't but Royaltons are brand new. You have to beware of the new section at Now, its very far from the beach while all the Royalton rooms are centrally located. You get free wifi all over the resort including on the beach which I know isn't too important but for some it is. You can get wifi at Now larimar for $60 a week. Don't forget the awesome splash park! It was great for adults and children. I think there was 7 different large waterslides, plus a wave pool and a kiddie park...great for all ages and no lines up. I liked the crowd better at Royalton, I found there were less english speaking guests at Now. The perks for Now would be that its closer to Jellyfish for you and I did find the buffet was a little more americanized than Memories. I unfortunately did not go into Royalton's buffet. That being said I enjoyed Royalton's a la cartes way more than Now. 100 guests, thats awesome! Hmmm hard to say... I'm sure they've had that many guests before...you definitely cannot have the dance floor inside... Have you asked Mayte or Isaac about capacity? Would they put some of your guests upstairs? I have lots of photos if you want me to email them. Its cool that we are both getting married next May and struggling between the exact same resorts and outside venues! When in May are you having your wedding? Let me know if I can help with group quotes for your guests (I'm a travel agent) as I'm dealing with that right now for myself
  12. Yes she did. Tiffany chairs are $6 per chair I believe.
  13. I have been asking myself that same question since I got back from my visit LOL I think that you can't go wrong at either place. They were both very nice just different. Jellyfish is a little more open concept with high ceilings feeling alittle bit bigger whether that is actually true I'm not sure. JF has a wider beachfront property but I question if they whole area you see is theirs and not some public space as well. Maybe someone on here would know? I've seen local children playing soccer and people walking around the property during weddings. Also I've heard that you can hear the music playing from the neighbouring stores around JF. Some brides have complained about this during ceremony. That being said Kukua does have a bit smaller "backyard" BUT it is definitely all theirs. There is no way of any gawkers on the left where Gran Bahia is because theres a few buildings there and trees. The only place you could potentially get gawkers is at the waterline which would be true for both places and I guess theres a chance someone stands at the fence on the Riu side....though I feel like that would be unlikely bc there was no one laying there when I went to visit. Even if someone was there its wide enough that they won't hear you saying your vows or be in the background of your photos. Plus I think the gazebo is a little higher up on the beach from where the Riu fence ends. Kukua has a pool which looks very nice and could be used at the end of the night if you're feeling adventurous lol. JF has nicer chairs that are included... I would be less likely to rent Tiffany chairs at JF than at Kukua. I think because Kukua has less weddings you will get better response to questions and concerns during the planning from Bego versus Mayte. I don't know.... I feel so conflicted lol
  14. $1200 is just the decor, another $1000 for exclusivity. Well I'm leaning towards Kukua but I haven't actually booked yet, still trying to decide between Kukua and Jellyfish but the main difference between these places and a resort like Now Larimar is there is SO MUCH more privacy. I felt really bad for the brides and grooms getting married at the beach while i was staying at Now Larimar. There was like 300 half naked people 3 feet away from them listening to their vows and standing in the background of their photos. And theres some really rude disrespectful people out there that will walk right up to the gazebo while you're getting married with their camera. Also I like the idea that I'm the only bride getting attended to that day. Now Larimar has anywhere from 3-5 weddings a day, all usually between 3-530pm. I also think that Bego or Mayte (wedding coordinators at Kukua and Jellyfish) will put a lot more "heart" into decorating and setting up your day. These are my opinions from what I noticed seeing some weddings and meeting with all the coordinators from Jellyfish, Kukua, Royalton, Now Larimar and Huracan Cafe. Hope this helps!
  15. I just came back last sunday from 7 day trip to Punta Cana to check out Now Larimar, Royalton, Kukua, Jellyfish and Huracan. I may be able to answer some of your questions. You're trying to decide between having your wedding at Now Larimar or Kukua?