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  1. Does anyone have the email address for the Majestic Elegance that you can email them to set up a group dinner (or grooms dinner)? I know someone sent it to me awhile ago, but I can't find it. Thanks!!
  2. I know! Isn't she amazing! I think I said I would go with silk flowers for the vases, and real flowers for the tables as well, I havent got the quote back from her yet, because I dont think she has got the quote back from the florist. I will let you know when I get my invoice. And yes we are renting out the whole place! I asked her what time we could have it from and she said whenever we want! So I think we are doing like 3-midnight? And great idea about asking for the regular menu, did she happen to send it to you? If so could you send it to me?
  3. I believe she told me it would be a percentage of my invoice. Since I have not chosen our menu yet, we have not put a deposit down either. Every time I ask her if I can send the deposit she said it is fine if we wait until I chose the menu so she can write up a pre-invoice. So it is weird that vav had to pay $500 down to reserve? It must vary depending on the date or something? Maybe if she has others that want that date too, I am not sure. But I wouldnt worry if she hasnt asked you for a deposit because I have been working with her since June and I haven't put one down yet either. And not sur
  4. Yes they do, we plan on using their transportation too, even though our resort is super close to the restaurant. Kukua is between Bahia Principe and RIU Resorts in Map 3 I believe.
  5. Thats great news! Congrats!! Bego is truly amazing to work with! After working with so many places down there that did not respond quickly, you totally appreciate her quick response! I have loved working with her so far! and she is so accomodating to anything you want! We have rented out the entire restaurant. What is your date? And what resort are you guys staying at?
  6. We are actually having our ceremony and reception off of the resort. So hopefully the restaurant will allow us to light them off! I need to check with them, thanks for reminding me! I am also in love with these! I sure hope they have no problem with them! They would make for amazing pictures!
  7. So happy to hear these were everything you thought they would be! I can't wait to have these on our day! And good idea with the kerosene cans to help light them all faster! I will definately mention that to my WC. I am so excited for our pictures!
  8. She actually added me to facebook so I was able to look at her pictures on there. I can email you her info and I am sure she wouldn't mind sharing her pictures with you as well! She was super helpful with answering all my questions I had about this place!
  9. I am not sure what setup at the Jellyfish is for cocktail hour, but Begona (owner of the restaurant) has been more then accomodating for all of my requests. She can pretty much do anything you want. We are having our cocktail hour outside of the restaurant by the pool.
  10. Hi vav11238! Yes, all the information I have is from their website that MNtoMX posted. I have been in contact with the restaurant for awhile now, so if you have any questions let me know as I could probably answer them! So far they have been wonderful to work with! Where are you staying in Punta Cana? We are staying at the Majestic Elegance and the restaurant is about a 3-5 minute drive from there, so not sure how close it is to where you are staying, but that is definately pretty convienent for us! Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck and happy planning!
  11. I have only talked to one other bride who has had her wedding here. She had nothing but great things to say about the owner and her wedding day. She totally made me feel 100x better about having my wedding here! I even got to see her wedding pictures and they were gorgeous! The communication with the restaurant has been amazing! She usually responds within 1 day of my emails! Did Mayte email you with a confirmation? You are lucky to have got through to them! I wish I could have done it there, but they simply would not respond to my emails or phone calls. But I think it could have been a
  12. Hi trepstep! That is so crazy, we were originally getting married on January 2nd at Majestic Elegance too! We have since then changed our date to January 6th at a different location, but our group will still be staying at ME from January 4th-11th. My fiance and I will be there from January 1-11th, so we will probably see your wedding set up! We have a large group as well, 65 booked so far, so I am in the same boat as you with making reservations for our welcome/groomsdinner. I received an email address from another bride on here to use for making reservations, but I think if you are still plan
  13. My dress looks just like this!! But the designer is different than the one you said, and the flower on the hip is slightly different too! I love it!
  14. Thanks for the maps! I have been looking for some. Very helpful!
  15. I am interested in ordering about 50-60 white ones. I also need to check with my WC to make sure they are ok to light off. If it throws your order number off, I can order on my own too. Just let me know! What website are you ordering them from?
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