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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/231822410349475/232718773593172/?comment_id=232722653592784&notif_t=like https://www.facebook.com/groups/maytemari/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/346512732034468/ These are 3 groups to Join everyone is devestated ... My wedding is August 2 2014 I'm inches from following Mayte ... You need to join the groups on FB to know whats going on and make a good decision for yourself speak to Mayte and Isaac , here is Mayte's email (mayteweddingdesignerpuntacana@@gmail.com), and here is Isaac's # its a Miami # he should pick up 954-459-1721
  2. Hey Not sure if you got pricing info already and I'm sorry for the dely but i'll get it right over to you , I haven't been on the forum and not sure if you've heard but Mayte is no longer at the JF ... many brides are looking into other venues ... however for me my wedding is in 3 months and i've already invested to much to move ... also I do really like the location and JF feel i'm crossing my fingers and hoping they can deliver ... at this point i can't stress and just happy to marry my love on the beach with my closest family and friends
  3. OK Ladies , everything I have including my Quote was sent to those that requested
  4. You want my quote ?or the price list , decor list etc ?
  5. Ok , if you don't get it today tomorrow I will send it ... Let me check my phone .., I just emailed another bride all the info I got I just sent you what I have my quote I can't access on my phone , I'll have to send that tomorrow
  6. It was about $10,700, however there were things they were not accounted for and I'm only using the bottom half and beach. I think when all is said and done it will be around 11k What are you looking at besides JF , I've done my research and honestly Mayte will not give you cookie cutter , the food I hear is amazing , the setting is beautiful and as private as can be , no restrictions with how long your party can go for , no vendor fees, and the prices are cheaper than resort prices. I'm quoted for 39 guest right now including 4 children . I'm at 40 guest 4 children but slowly chipping back to 35.
  7. I know ! I finally got her ???? I'm about to send her a list of my questions and concerns regarding my first quote. PM me it's so nice to know of a fellow JF bride who lives in NY ????!
  8. Has anyone heard from Mayte Lately ? I havent heard from her since last Wednesday ... I'm getting worried I just made my deposit today and booked the Pastor, and Photographer.
  9. Hello , I am looking to book Jellyfish for July 2014 I was hoping you can email me their price list of everything they offer if possible.. Thank you telie7@hotmail.com
  10. I would like the price list as well , I emailed Mayte last night hope she gets back to me soon ... If anyone has the price list for all services for 2014 that would be greatly appreciated. telie7@hotmail.com Thank you
  11. Sorry it took so long , Work is kicking my butt LOL... I want to Thank you for taking the time to break down your wedding in detail I'm sue it will be amazing ! I have actually contacted a edding planner who is highly recommended here I see so I'm going to see how that goes :-) work takes so much time and energy from me I really dont have time and would prob get fired if I dont get a planner to take care of things for me, she is very resonable i feel and seems helpful and ready to take all the stress away hopefully LOL ...
  12. Hello, New to the site and a potential PPR bride , I love the way you have all your wedding planning so organized, and I'm about to lose my mind for so many reasons including cost ... BF and I would love to have a religious catholic church , however I keep getting feedback that its very difficult too many restrictions etc in english like what you're doing. I'm just curious and hope i'm not be too forward by asking what are you spending in total for your wedding how many guest ... if you dont mind Thank you
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