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  1. LADIES LADIES LADIES!!! I have received TWO quotes from brides today - they each were quoted about a month ago for their wedding from Mayte and they received their quotes from Isaac today - AND THEY WERE MORE EXPENSIVE, especially for decor!! Isaac told me specifically that the prices will remain the same, that nothing will change, and that decor "should be even less" - and now it's more!! One of the brides was quoted almost $1000 MORE for decor by Isaac!!! But I will try to come here and continue to keep you ladies as updated and informed as possible. DO NOT LET THEM MAKE FOOLS OF US!
  2. I have the 2013 price list and apparently nothing is changing from it for 2014 or 2015 except in 2015 the price for exclusive use will increase. However, I would love to see invoices from past brides.
  3. Hey, I just came on here to find out if anyone here knows what's going on. Yesterday, Mayte came on to say that the owners of Jellyfish have decided to take over things for themselves and they fired her. I am now hearing several stories and I am sure the truth is somewhere in the middle. Basically, the owners of JF say that Mayte was upcharging brides and keeping the difference for herself. There are some things that would make more sense now based on this, if this is true (she started emailing brides from her personal account and told them not to use the jellyfish email, she was askin
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Slaughter2be You made your entire payment by depositing it I to there account? Is it Bank of America? I would prefer to do this as well as long as its ok. Yup. We received 2 checks for $250 each as gifts with the "payable to" line empty and instead of depositing them to our account, we wrote in cash and deposited it into their account and immediately emailed them and they confirmed within a few days.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Adrienne Lauren Did anyone have any issues with sending the $500 deposit by wire transfer to Jellyfish Enterprises? I deposited it directly into their bank account so that I didn't have to pay the $30 wire transfer fee. There was no problem with this.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by alley08 Thanks Shae. I can't wait!! We are bringing our photographer with us. She is awesome and agreed to come and photograph the day of the wedding and the day we go into Havana just for the price of us paying for her trip. She is AWESOME! Have you tried on any dresses yet? Do you have any pictures? I tried on the allure 8862, but decided I wanted to wait a little til I lose more weight before I go try some more on. I really like the Jerrica by Sottero and Midgley and want to try that one on, too.
  7. I'm looking at ruffle ball gowns and a-line gowns. Show me yours! Extra points if it's pics of you in your dress on the beach and/or during a TTD shoot. Thanks!!
  8. For those who are planning to get ready at the Jellyfish to avoid vendor fees, please let me know where you plan on taking pictures with the bridal party and just bride/groom. I know a lot of those pictures are usually at the resort, which is beautiful, so I would hope I can get some there. Unless there's another place you're planning to go? Or just everything at the JF?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Madso Hey ladies, Did anyone who stood or is planning to stay at the paradisus Palma real have issues receiving group rates. I was waiting on the room block contract and suddenly Cecilia hits me with "we changed policies and the romance department is no longer able to give group rates to offsite weddings".... Interesting.. I didn't have that problem, but I went through a travel agent.
  10. I have created a FB group - Paradisus Palma Real Brides. Please find it and join!
  11. I have created a FB group - Paradisus Palma Real Brides. Please find it and join!
  12. Is there a fb group for PPR brides? If not, I'd like to make one.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by vane04122014 If your in Canada try my sister-in-law her name is Rosie DiMartino her email is Rosie@polotravelltd.com
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