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Lisa's planning and pics....

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#11 MikkiStreak

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    Posted 21 July 2007 - 03:54 PM

    Love the ring shells!!! And the parasols look good too!!

    Hey, here's more suggestions for us photo junkies! :)
    - photo of invitations
    - photo of STD's
    - groom / groomsmen attire
    - shoes & accessories (I know you don't want to post the gown photo- I think you mentioned someone in the family had stumbled across it when you did that previously)
    - floral selection (if you know what you're choosing already)
    - cake (if you already know what your design will be)

    Give me time, I'll think of more and have you snapping photos all day!!! :)

    When do you and James leave?

    #12 SusanK

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      Posted 21 July 2007 - 06:05 PM

      Wow Lisa...your big day is just around the corner!!! Everything looks great...your guests will certainly be impressed!
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      #13 michelle08

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        Posted 21 July 2007 - 06:14 PM

        Where did you order your starfish?? That's the kind I want!! :)

        #14 A10CalGal

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          Posted 21 July 2007 - 06:50 PM

          Wow, fun stuff Lisa. It looks like you are seriously organized! Those BM bags are too cute & love the shells!

          How did your wedding sneak up so fast?! 13 days?! Holy crap - are you excited or what?

          #15 dragonfly

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            Posted 21 July 2007 - 07:03 PM

            Oh your day is so close, I can't wait to see your wedding picture's. Your oot bags look like fun, everything looks great. Come on you can think of more to post, look at how much I thought of, give me a run for my money, for picture whore, right now I think I am in the lead...LOL

            Consider yourself challenged

            #16 PaulaV

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              Posted 22 July 2007 - 12:18 PM

              Thanks for carrying on this type of thread...

              I really like to see all of the items in one thread as weddings come up - btw - time has gone by so fast!

              12 days until your wedding!!!!

              #17 LisaG

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                Posted 22 July 2007 - 12:49 PM

                I don't know how to mulit-quote =(

                I realized that I didn't post that much - sorry girls. No I don't want to post my dress, but I'll tak pics of more things through the week as I finish up and go shopping. I'm going shopping in a few minutes to get clothes for the trip and to help my last BM find her dress. Wish us luck!

                I'm so excited girls!! It has creeped up rather quickly, but I think I'm ready....and up for the challenge to post more pics =)

                I have the website at work for where I ordered the starfish - I'll post tomorrow.

                #18 Jackie

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                  Posted 22 July 2007 - 02:58 PM

                  Great pics, I love getting ideas from all you girls. The bm's bags are super cute too!
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                  #19 JulieG

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                    Posted 22 July 2007 - 04:34 PM

                    What about the tylenol and immodium, where did you get it? I am looking for little single packages, but can't find them. I want both for my oot bags.

                    I love everything. I would also like to know where you got the starfish from.

                    #20 ajncooter

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                      Posted 22 July 2007 - 04:52 PM

                      i love everything!

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