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Message in a Bottle Invites and Passport Information Brochures andBoarding Pass RSVPs

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Ok, Sorry for the delay, ladies..Here are some answers to your questions...


I ended up making 50 invitations. They were not expensive to make, but they were expensive to send ~$77. Absolutely NO problems at all with the post office or delivery even with the handles. In fact, every invitation arrived in perfect condition! I got the tiny starfish (and also sanddollars) for the bottles on ebay.


Invitation Pricing

Bottles/Sand/Shells/Boxes"$82.29"Sand Blast Entertainment

RSVP Paper "$10.00"

Raffia-blue/taupe "$7.50"

tags/paper/labels "$47.56"http://www.kraftoutlet.com/

postage (MIB) "$77.70"

postage (RSVP) "$12.60"

eBay (Starfish) "$5.00"

Stamp (Michaels) "$5.00"

Vistaprint (Passport Covers) "$51.25"



I can't believe someone is charging almost $1500 for doing these! I need to change my line of work!


Let me know if I can help in any way! It was a lot of work, but a super fun project for me and my fiance - we have some wonderful memories from doing this together!

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One more question :) Attaching the handles, can you give more detail on the metal peices? Do they have a specific name I should look for when I am at the craft store? Did you just use a hole punch and put them through?


Thanks again! Realy Love these!

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Urgghhh!!!! I am so upset that we spent so much on these!! I could have done them myself. Yeah she charged me $1425 and I still needed to put the boxes together, wrap them in the brown paper, make labels and mail!! I thought I was getting a discount because she wanted to charge $20 per invite but I got her to do it at $10 and then I called another lady in NJ and she wanted to charge $35 a piece!! So that was a lesson learned. I wished I had known about this site then! I probably would have tried to do it on my own and saved so much $$$. I feel like e-mailing her to tell her that she owes me about $1000. And then I was freaking out when I had to print the labels, because I wanted them to look great, I asked her how much would she charge me to print labels, she told me $350 I had to draw the line, I was like ah no! I'll do it myself!


Anyway, that was my vent for the day! These look amazing. I was happy with mine but see how they could have been improved.


Oh and yes, you should probably start your own business on the side!

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