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  1. We had a Royal Service room and honestly the room was beautiful. Some friends had time shares at the Reserve and also gave it rave reviews. I can only speak from experience in staying in Royal Service I really liked the proximity to the beach. I'm not really a beach type of person but to hear the waves at night or to sit on the balcony in the morning was amazing. Also you do get a butler, but we didn't really use his services until the day of the wedding and that was to bring bottles of champagne to my husbands room! I think if you choose either one, you will be happy. I did hear that if you stay in the Reserve your food isn't included. Does anyone know if that is true? We are planning to go back next year and are thinking about the Reserve.
  2. Hi Natalie, Â I was married at PPR and also used DJ Mannia. Our ceremony was in the lobby, just beyond the stairs, near the fountain and it was awesome! It was supposed to be on the beach but it began raining and so they had to move it from the beach. I have to honestly say I was extremely happy that it was moved. It was a beautiful spot. the reception was at the Reserve. Near the pool there is an outdoor but roof covered villa type area. The reception was 3 hours and honestly the $800 I spent on the DJ, I could have used my ipod. We ended up asking the dj to play the songs from my girlfriends ipod because he didn't have any of the music that we wanted to hear. So for $100 we could have just plugged it into the system and kept it moving. He seems to be a good dj, but I just didn't feel he had the type of music we were looking to party to. Also, as far as the pastor goes, ours spoke Spanish and we couldn't understand him, but it was translated, it was still fantastic. I wouldn't spend the extra $$ on Pastor York (just my opinion). Also, the reception time could have been longer but given that you have a huge resort with all of your guests already there, there is no reason to pay the additional fee for an extra hour when you can go to another spot and continue having a good time! That's what we did!! Â Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for all the support ladies! Hopefully along with some of the other brides, we can try to recoup the money we lost on our dresses. Sadly, some girls also lost their photography and limo service.
  4. Hi ladies, First let me say, I am sooo grateful for all of your kind words and support. Here is the update; this has been a crazy 48 hours!!! On Sunday afternoon, shortly after I found out about all of this, FI and I, took a trip out to the store. Before I left my house I posted to insiderpages.com my story about Enzo bridal and also my e-mail address if anyone had the lawyers info. When we got to the store, it was completely empty and they had the signs on the doors with the lawyers number. I wanted to break each and every glass in that effing store!!! So I go on about my day, as best as possible (FI and I have just purchased a home in the past week, so we had things to take care of at the new house). Monday morning comes and I leave a message for the lawyer. I then begin talking to my family and friends for support and help in looking for a new dress. My stepmother finds the dress online for $743 but it has a 4 - 16 week lead time!! So I get a few e-mails from other brides about the lawyer and just venting. I run out of my job for about 15 mins and when I return I have an e-mail from an ABC editor/producer something or other saying that they are doing a story on Enzo and want to interview. So I give my number and I speak with Lucy Yang from ABC. She wants to come out to the house to talk to me. I agree and she shows up in about an hour and a half. She gets there and she interviews me. After our interview, she made her way to Manalapan/Englishtown, NJ to talk to some brides down there. So low and behold the story aired last night on WABC. Also around 7:30pm last night, I get a call from another Bridal Salon (Antoinette Rose in Brick) attempting to help me with getting my gown. Antoinette informed me that the dress was ordered and Eden Bridal (designer) would ship it to her. Unfortunately I will have to pay her $800 for the dress. So I tell her I want to think about it. With the new house and all, it's a tough call to shell out yet another $800 plus dollars. So I speak with my mom, and bless her heart she offers to pay for the additional gown (YAY!!!!!) Love you mom! So I call Antoinette in the morning and tell her that we can go forward with the purchase, I give her $500 this morning over the phone. Fast forward to 3:30pm this afternoon and I get a call from the lawyer. He tells me that he is going to work with Eden to get my dress at no additional cost to me. Ok so now I am excited. I call Antoinette to ask if we can refund but I will still do my alterations there as well as accessories, she tells me that she will have to get back to me. I give her an hour and a half. I call back and she informed me that she spoke with Eden and like she thought, they do not ship their dresses to brides directly. She advices me to call Eden but will refund my money if necessary. I do that and they tell me the same, and actually the woman is aware of who I am, she tells me that the lawyer has not contacted them, they do not deal with lawyers and they will not ship their dresses to brides and definitely not to a lawyer!! I leave another message for the lawyer. So tomorrow, I will be back on it again. So either way I will get my dress, thank you ladies again for all of your support and offers to help me find either another dress or the one I wanted. Here is the link to the ABC story as myself and another bride (Kim) were featured in the story. I feel bad for her also as they never even ordered her dress!!! Wedding dress store allegedly jilts dozens of brides out of their dresses - 3/29/10 - New York News and Tri-State News - 7online.com
  5. Ok so I purchased my dress from a salon in NJ on October 10th 2009. I gave these idiots $860 of my hard earned money. The dress was supposed to be delivered on 2/22. There were some delays, well this is what they told me, and it was set to be in store by the 3rd week in March. Well the 3rd week comes, I speak with the store manager and she tells me she is going to call me to schedule my fitting for the following week. The next week comes and I hear nothing by Wed. afternoon ( I only waited this long because the store is only open Wed - Sun). I call from Wed - Sat and I get no response. I decide to search their name and I come across this forum about the place. Many brides talking about how they have gone out of business and are not providing refunds or producing dresses to brides. So I take a trip down to the store with my fiance and low and behold the once beautiful store is now empty with a big blow out clearance sale on the front and the store is completely empty!! They have a number for a lawyer ( I assume theirs) and that's it. I am so heart broken. Where in the hell do they get off doing this type of thing to people. I now have to try and find a dress off the rack! Which was what I planned to do in the beginning but I fell in love with this dress and had to have it. I cannot believe this. I am going to try to contact the manufacturer of the dress to see if they still have the dress or if there is anything they can do to help. I am soo pissed right now!!!
  6. Hey ladies we are leaving from JFK (live in NJ) on the 20th of May. I was originally trying to get a flight out of EWR but the price was too high. Check Jetblue out of JFK, they have direct flights to DR and they have the extra leg room seats. Not exactly first class but something. I like the idea of the car service maybe you can get some pre-wedding nookie if you get a limo! (wink) I am SURE he will love that gift as well! Good luck!
  7. Very nice NYBeachBride!! I like all of your ideas. Will definitely have to steal some of these ideas!
  8. I was thinking that I will definitely make a HUGE effort to show my appreciation for the MOH as she has really gone out of her way to make this day and process special for me. So yeah I will be doing some extra things for her so that she knows how much I truly appreciate her being there through all of the BS and everything else in this process.
  9. Or, could you ask someone (like MOH or your mom) to add them to the glasses for you?
  10. Also, it does make a difference. I went to this lady and it was nothing like what I expected. It was not up to the standard that I am used to at all. I only went the one time because I paid the same amount that I pay for my regular girl and it was sub-par by far! So find someone your comfortable with and that knows your style. I like the girl I go to (minus the all day process) because her rates are good and she does an excellent job. She is very knowledgeable about hair so I have to trade one for the other.
  11. Hi Tennyt1 - I go to a girl in Brooklyn. She is VERY good but I always caution that the service is SLOW. You cannot have any expectations that you will be out of there in any reasonable time frame, even if your the first! I went 2 weeks ago and was there from 10:30am - 5:30pm (my girlfriend was there so it made the time go by but it was still an all day process). So if your interested, PM me and I will give you her info.
  12. I'm also doing 1 bag per couple and personalizing based upon the couple in the room. Most have 2 (man & woman) but I do have one guest (MOH) that has 3 in her room. Guess their bag is going to be stuffed, I am not doing three bags for them!!! But for the guys, FI told me his guys won't want flip flops so I was thinking to do something more manly like cigars but not sure how that would go over with customs. Flask is a good idea also. So far, I am doing a welcome book, flip flops (women) personalized beach towels, first aid kit, possibly water bottles (price), water purification tablets, playing cards. Oh, man I need some more items...
  13. Welcome! But don't rush it... Take your time and do things in steps. As the months tick down, you get overwhelmed (well at least I am) with all of the details. Planning, coordinating, etc... It can become a bit much. So while I know that feeling of angst to get to your wedding date. The road can be rough. Good thing you joined this forum now, there are soo many ideas out there!
  14. I would make sure that your dress length can support the heel height. I know I LOVE heels but the seamstress told me that I can only get a 1/2 inch heel : ( So make sure that your dress won't look crazy short depending on the height of the wedge! Good luck!
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