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  1. They did this for a very short time before they realized it would not fly. There is no longer a fee outside of the day pass price.
  2. Depends how many guests...there are several bar/lounges that are great for passing the time. Check them all out when you get there, then have your guests meet there while you are taking pictures with your new husband...then you two can meet them there, have some pre-wedding cocktails, then head to the reception.
  3. The responses will get more prompt as you wedding approaches. They are paying close attention to the weddings coming up now. I found response time to be weeks, then days, then hours as my wedding approached. Most everything is done when you get there anyway...stop worrying and let relax (that what makes destination weddings so much nicer )- it will be beautiful.
  4. Spazdoodles - Booking a dinner for a large group is almost impossible without your coordinator. I would suggest using your alotted "rehearsal dinner" large group reservation as your welcome dinner (they don't care what you call it). We had the Tides package and the rehearsal dinner was included. Â
  5. Yes I did. I got them from a wholesale shop in NJ. Most of them had a real flower feel to them, however some of them were just silk.
  6. The boxes came with the bottles from the website I bought them (I shared all the sites/stores and prices on an earlier post) The stick is the actual invitation rolled up, tied with rafia and also the wedding date tag is tied around it (so your guest can pull the invitation out). all is placed in the bottle and the cork is put on (still leaving the tag hanging out)
  7. Sorry for the delay, I didn't realize there were replies going on... 1) use google image search, it should come up with many choices. 2) you craft paper is probably too thick try thinner paper.
  8. These are some ceremony flowers This is my bouquet that I made:
  9. I was just married there on 6-6-10. The flowers for the ceremony were included in my package - The Tides. They were beautiful, and I didn't feel the need for more. I was married there in Jun and it was outrageously hot and humid. Any real flowers would have wilted within and hour or two. I took advice of others brides and looked into the Real touch bouquets. However, when I saw the price, I decided to make my own and it came out GORGEOUS! And the best part was that they still looked perfect the next morning for our Trash The Dress Session!!I did not have any bridesmaids, so I can't comment on the bouquets.
  10. I just had my wedding at the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana on June 6, 2010, and we used PhotoSouvenir and they were AMAZING!!!!!! The highlight of our whole wedding are the incredible photos....everyone is saying the are the most spectacular wedding photos they have ever seen!!!!! The photos look like something out of a magazine and our family and friends cannot stop raving about them. People stop by their desks at work who don't even know them and stop to see the pictures....and we are getting facebook stalked by people we dont even know who are loving our pictures! If you haven’t booked a photographer/videographer yet then GO WITH THEM! You will NOT be disappointed. Our photographer Reno arrived about an hour before the ceremony to take pics of me getting ready, then he traveled to the beach for the ceremony. After the beach, he took candids of our champagne and also family shots and a group photo. Then we headed to the gazebo for cocktail hour where he got some beautiful candids (more of what I like). After the coktail hour he took us to various locations around the resort for the most gorgeous picture session ever!. All of my guest were commenting at the wedding as to how great he was and how they knew we were going to get amazing pictures. He followed us to our reception dinner where he took a couple more photos including us and our cake before heading out. BUT THE BEST PART... was the next morning! We booked a trash the dress session as well as another session in rural Dominican Republic. Now these pictures were TO DIE FOR!!!! The ones in rural DR (Wild TTD) were very photojournalistic and cool!!!!! And the TTD ones were just stunning. I am NEVER going to be able to narrow down for my album. TRUST ME BOOK PHOT SOUVENIR, RENO IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! PS. We had our wedding on Sunday and TTD on Monday, and Reno had all our photos on DVD on Tuesday night before we left on Wednesday!!! Best of luck ladies ! And if you have any other questions then feel free to send me a private message.
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