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Still have Old Navy flip flops, mens & womens and

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Diezelgirl - I'm waiting patiently, don't stress over this. I know you'll get them to me.


JKCZ0702 Yari's Spanish for Dummies are gone. Thanks anyway.

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My fiance have all the pictures of what we want to sell on photobucket but can't seem to get them up here. I was able to put them in an album on here somewhere but can't seem to get them in the thread. Can someone help?


I think we're quitting for the day and will start fresh (hopefully with some help tomorrow).


We have, Spanish for Dummies, Pier One beach mats, first aid kits, Old Navy flip flops, wrist keychains with whistles, a Crop-A-Dial, set of twelve rice paper wrapped candle holders, one starfish bouquet jewely, note pads, maraca FIESTA pens, beach safe containers, etc. but can't see to get this stuff on here. ALL BRAND NEW, NEVER USED


Hopefully someone can give us some easy instructions, thanks in advance!

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