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I opened my gift and it was a guitar... The one I bought for him!

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It's a bit long, but there's certain details of a story you just can't leave out! Hope you all enjoy it!


It was Christmas Eve. I went to pick up my boyfriend of almost 3 years from work mid afternoon so we could head up north to visit my family. It's a 4 hour drive but never seems that long when we're traveling together. I went inside the building to let him know that I was there. I immediately saw a gift sitting on a table across the shop.. It was a huge rectangular shaped box with a peak, sort of resembling the shape of a house. It was more than half the size of me, for sure. He asked me if there was enough room in the car for it. I looked at him with suspicion, reminded him that we both agreed we weren't spending money on gifts and then replied with a "yes".


We got the gift into the car, stopped at Tim Horton's for some coffees to go and headed North. About 15 minutes into our trip I started to notice how quiet and discoloured my boyfriend's face was starting to appear. His grip was extremely tight on the steering wheel and his focus on the road was intense. I asked him a few times if he was ok, or if he needed me to drive. He calmly reminded me that his day was hectic and he was just a bit tired. I swore he was barely breathing.


Halfway through our trip the car pulls over abruptly onto the side of the highway. I look over at my dude and he tells me that he needs to turn around because he thinks he saw something. He pulls a U-turn and enters a small parking lot off the highway that overlooks a bridge crossing a frozen river, a closed for the season resort and some empty docks. He takes a deep breath and asks me if I want to open my gift right then and there. Confused and excited at the same time I say "ok".


We get out of the car and he takes this massive gift from the trunk. He suggests I open it up on the bridge and asks me if I want to carry it. I tell him he needs to carry it, because it's my gift and his idea! hahaha.


We get to the top of the bridge and I begin to pull paper off this odd shaped box. I open the top flap and with confusion and I begin to pull out my present. A guitar? HUH? I tell him that he can't give me this instrument to because I bought it for him in the summer. He tells me that if it's his, than I should give it to him. WHAT?


That's when he quickly tuned the guitar and began to sing. He sang a song he wrote about our lives together and finished it off with "Jennifer, will you marry me?" He got down on one knee and showed me a ring. He was shaking so badly. He reached for my right hand out of nervousness, so I gently guided him to my left. He said the ring wouldn't fit. I told him he was just shaking too much.


Next, I half seriously half playfully grabbed him by the collar of his winter coat with both hands and told him if he wanted to change his mind he had 10 seconds to run.. hahaha he told me that he knew I was the one from the first day we met. So I carried the empty box and he carried his guitar and holding hand, we headed back to the car!


The best part, and the one that really made me tear is when he told me that my ring was handmade by my talented friend Talia. I couldn't ask for a more perfect proposal!

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