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so i found THE DRESS. smile123.gifwent to a bunch of places, tried on styles, colors, etc. found THE DRESS - am in LOVE with it!


it's $130 cheaper online. incl. having it custom made for me b/c i'm short.


how can i ask the ppl at the store? i'd rather buy it from ppl than online....


anyone been thru this?


danke feedback.gif


(yeah, i'm a little smile happy!)

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Originally Posted by gkashmira View Post
Ask them if they'll match the price (bring a print-out) - it's very possible that they will! If not just order it online instead.

Its your wedding and they need you. I agree. Tell them you found it cheaper online and if they want your business they will have to match that price.
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YES! I found my dress at a swanky bridal salon, and at Macy's - it was like $400 (or more?) cheaper at Macys, but I really liked that the salon knew what they were doing, etc. Anyway, the salon matched the Macy's price - so I was able to purchase it from there! I would bet they meet the lower price.

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I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, i brought my nj attitude and wound up buying it, lol....


the lady was all "it's not the same dress" and i was all "um, yeah, it is!" and the lady was all "i won't make money" and i was all "well, i buy from a local store, or i buy from the internet and have someone else do my measurements and fittings...but that's up to you" and she was all "well, let me check my books" and she showed me that she'd be making $100 profit + alterations on the dress, instead of $200+, and said she didn't want to lose my business....then she went on for 10 minutes about how she doesn't buy new dresses b/c she has to buy them in groups of 16, and no one will buy the new dressed b/c they can find them on the internet, yadda, yadda, yadda.....


dress: originally $510, now $407

hollow to hem alterations: originally $125, now $100

alterations afterward (bust and whatnot): who knows...

saving 20%: priceless.... *evil laugh* :)

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