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Newbie, still trying to decide on location

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Hi all!

Still can't decide on a location. Most likely going to the Riviera Maya and looking into Azul Sensatori, Peradisus, Iberostar.


Trying to weigh all options, cost, location, activities and it keeps me running in circles. I do know when. It will be December of 2010.


Look forward to reading more posts and hopefully getting some good advice!

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Welcome Jaime! I'm always excited to see more December 2010 brides :)


I can totally relate to how overwhelming it can be to weigh all the options in the Mayan Riviera - there are so many!!! Good news is, there's lots of great resorts, so hopefully you can't go too wrong with whatever you pick! You are definitely considering some beautiful places.


Hope we can all help you choose your perfect place and help with your planning - good luck!

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