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  1. They turned out great. Could you just use the box they were shipped in and put it in a suitcase?
  2. Your pictures turned out great, looks like you had an awesome time.
  3. Everything looks great! I love your dress, you will be a beautiful bride.
  4. I had acrylic nails done. But if you want to leave yours natural a french mani always looks nice.
  5. Sounds like you had a great time and your pictures turned out great!
  6. Welcome to the forum and happy planning!!
  7. Welcome to the forum. No matter where you decide in the RM it is a gorgeous place to get married and Iberostar has fantastic resorts with great wedding packages.
  8. Welcome to the forum, you will find plenty of info here to help with your planning!!!
  9. Your pictures turned out unbelievable, they look like something from a fairytale!!!
  10. Welcome to the forum, you will find an abundance of information here!
  11. OOT bags are completely optional, I have been to dw that did them and others who didn't. If you pick one thing that you want to do for your guests such as a mug or beach bag and want to give it to them ahead of time with a simple thank you note that is a nice alternative to packing everything to your destination. A lot depends on how big your guest list is. In all honesty most of the items in an oot bag guests will already have with them and they would probably rather have you keep that money and use it towards other aspects of the wedding.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by alishakay06 Hi, we are planning our wedding there! I have a group coming with us as well, our families and a few single friends...I worry about my single friends, only that they may not feel as though they have anything to do. Are there activities going on at the beach during the day? And when you say access to the other hotels around it, are those more mixed up hotels? I am sure that your single friends will find plenty to do. We visited Cozumel a few years ago and you can find numerous different things to do such as diving, snorkeling, party boat, or just relaxing by the beach, you can also rent jeeps to take along the coast to different beaches.
  13. I brought all of my stuff for decorations, oot bags, etc. I had 6 total suitcases, but I split them amongst my family members and it wasn't an issue. My dad and brothers even got stopped and searched at customs with some of my suitcases and they didn't question a thing.
  14. I was married there in January and the weather was awesome. If you are doing a pre-travel booklet for your guests, you could just recommend them to wear long pants and bring a sweater for the evening reception. If you are on a terrace you will probably not notice if it gets a bit chilly.
  15. Welcome to the forum, you will find great information here!!!
  16. You did such a great job with planning and organizing your wedding. It looks like everything turned out absolutely fabulous for you. Your wedding was gorgeous!! Congrats.
  17. Karla, everything looks great. I love your color combo, it looks so rich, and the invites turned out awesome.
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