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What would you recommend to use if you want to glue 2 pieces of paper back to back? I'm worried using a glue stick as it often creates air bubbles, wrinkles in the paper, and becomes unglued in parts.



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Originally Posted by bride2b10 View Post
Thanks everyone :) I'm gluing a regular piece of paper to card stock. For the glue gun - is it relatively thin? Did it not show at all thorough the paper? I need the whole thing attached (inside of a passport to the cover).
I found the glue gun to be pretty easily adjustable in terms of how thin or thick you want the glue, cause you can push it out faster or slower through the gun, and of course run it along the paper at whatever speed you like to get your desired amount of glue.

I used it with fairly thick cardstock (I think 105lb?) as a I mentioned, and it was making a STD jacket so I was gluing cardstock to cardstock to make the pocket. I couldn't see the glue at all through the paper. However, I did have to use a fairly good size bead of glue to seal the pocket so it was a bit thick, like I guess you could kind of feel it a bit? It sounds like you probably wouldn't need so much. For my purposes it totally didn't matter since it was just to seal the bottom of the ticket jacket pocket. I just wanted it to hold quickly and firmly and the glue gun did the trick for that!

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