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  1. wow wow wow wow WOW!! This planning thread is ridic. Totes amazeballs. You blew it outta the water girlie - IRHB will not know what hit them!!! hahahaha Amazing job!
  2. I think I was charged a vendors fee... but I had an outside DJ too and for some reason I think I only paid a day pass for the DJ and a vendors fee for the florist (not 2 vendors fees). Sorry I cant really remember!
  3. Hi! I got the bottle openers at 4imprint.ca (Im in Canada) but I also got them through work with our corporate discount as we buy a lot of promo items from them, so that helped A LOT with my OOT bags
  4. Rosemarie you looked gorgeous. Congratulations!! They didnt. You have to take a cab to the rose hall shopping centre (5 mins away) and cash them at the bank. Thats what we did. Just bring enough cash to last for a few days so you dont have to rush there. I only brought Travelers Cheques for the big payments to my florist, DJ etc.
  5. There is a nice area beside the Grand on the beach that has those rock piers out into the ocean that would work well for a TTD. The best place I could find that was local was where I went - the green grotto caves - its was about 45mins away. A nice jungle setting with cool cliff-face and caves... unfortunetly it rained all over us so we didnt get as much time there as I would have liked, there were a lot of cool places to shoot! See my slideshow (TTD shots are at the end) http://vimeo.com/breesvids/stephenandsabrinaweddingslideshow password - oneloveoneheart I used silk flowers on my huppa. All my other flowers were real but I figured they are up high - who cares if they are fake. Here are my huppa photos: I think fushia would look great with that colour
  6. Hi Nola! I was very lucky. I flew with west jet, which at the time allowed each person 2 pieces of checked luggage plus a carryon. But most of my decor was either paper or fabric, so it wasnt really that bad. Be creative and tell your bridesmaids to pack light so you can give them stuff! Lol Happy planning!
  7. Who is your florist? You should be able to get vases from them. If not, I know you can rent them from pussbackfoot: http://pussbackfoot.com/htmlver/galleries.php?sec=2&galnum=1
  8. There's tons you could put - welcome dinner/rehersal dinner info, menu choices, travel information, resort information. My invite had 4 inserts; ceremony, reception, travel and resort.
  9. I think its a great idea to have your dinner a bit earlier - like 5ish and do the mango walk (or other location) until 10:30. Its not too big, but not very classy decor. Its a typical club - but you'll have an awesome stereo and lighting system. I dont know what your parents/older relatives are like, but mine all stuck around and stuck together on the dance floor after the club opened to the public. It actually felt more fun because there was a larger crowd and everyone was congratulating us. With only 25 people and some who dont dance, the floor was a bit empty until the public came. I also know that the noise by-law in Jamaica doesnt allow music on the beach after 10:30pm. While the by-law may not allow late music outside - I dont know why if you rent your own dj and system, that you couldnt rent out an inside restaurant until later than 10:30pm. Might be worth discussing with management...
  10. Me and all my girls had our make up done. my comments are in my review. You look beautiful Shari!!
  11. CONGRATS MRS SMITH!!! You looked sooo gorgeous!! That totally sucks that you couldnt have a private reception. Sounds like everything worked out ok though. So stupid and annoying that rule. And you had 2 extra guests (from Jamaica) show up? I know another bride who got married at the beach resort and had OVER 20 people show up (from jamaica) She was FREAKING OUT. She already had over 100 ppl so it was crazy. Seems to be a cultural thing. LOL Yes, May is definetly busier than December (my wedding month) - but its still a day-to-day thing. Like my resort was completely booked for the dates of my wedding trip - some friends who wanted to take the same plane as us couldnt cause they were totally booked - up to the day of my wedding. Then it slowed down a bit on my wedding day (it was a friday)
  12. Hey Betee, On the terrace there are really neat awning type things and patio furniture. You could totally hang lanterns on those... lemme see if I can dig up a pic. Yep, that is totally what I recommend. Although, that still may not mean you get the private reception. MY big plans were: a) Invite random strangers (aka new friends!) to the wedding reception to make up the difference to get 40 ppl. The way I saw it is - if I had the wedding at home, all the 'plus ones' wouldve been strangers anyways. A few people that werent close friends wouldnt have mattered! OR If she said 'hell no'. I would have a Cocktail reception on the terrace (photo above) with hors doevres and drinks. That way it would be private to do our first dance and music and stuff after the dinner in the restaurant with all the other diners. You just have to be flexible and ready for another option. I got lucky and she let me have mine private due to low occupancy that day.
  13. Daisy - I brought all the decor except the flowers/vases. My florist boulevard florist based out of negril did the flowers.She was very affordable and I reccommend her. Liz - My reception was at Uncle Tony's.
  14. Did you like the way the chuppah was decorated at my actual wedding or the photo from my planning thread? Because the planning thread pic was one I found online, I dont have more pics of that. As for my actual wedding day - it was too windy to have the fabric as I planned, so they improvised. I didnt make any diagrams or anything but I have more photos of the chuppah from my day if you want.
  15. Oh, and I totally agree they should let smaller groups rent the restaurants. Especially if its not super packed at the resort, if were willing to pay - why not?!
  16. I think this is how they get away with the $800 rental of the restaurant. I think most AI's charge atleast $2k for that. I didnt think their photos were too bad, some of the lighting didnt look perfect in some. But when I was there I remember Tameica telling me that their rates went up and their starting package was like $3k?? So double check with your WC what their costs are.
  17. I changed into my dance dress after the ceremony and photos were taken. Then I changed back into my gown after my dance with my Dad. Earlier I brought my dance dress to one of my BM's rooms that was close to Uncle Tony's and changed in there. Thanks! Between my sister and I we got them on - I wear them on pretty much every Halloween so it wasnt a big deal really. CONGRATS JENN!! Thanks so much for delivering the gifts for me. I know, the vendor fee was a complete surprise for me - I was not impressed!!
  18. Thanks so much everyone on the Photo love! Thank you! LOL, It was pretty hot making out in the rain!! Luckily the 'jungle' setting really worked with the downpour. Ok, tried to answer everything below: It looks like you brought your own fabric for the huppah. I also want to do this, how much did you bring? Someone posted the huppa measurements in this thread, so I used those measurements to figure out how much to bring. Just do an advanced search in this thread for huppa measurement and you'll find them. It also looks like they moved them inside afterwards for you? I think the fabric for the reception backdrop was a separate piece (My mom and sisters made them after I gave the measurements). But yes, they set it all up for me. How many people did you have at your wedding? It looks like you had a private reception. I did have a private reception, and I only had 23 people. I kinda lied to the WC and told her we had 40 ppl coming. My plan was to just invite some 'new friends' aka others from the resort to make up the difference (we had five days there before our wedding day). Or if that didn't work, I was going to do just a cocktail reception on the balcony with appetizers. Luckily, the resort management allowed me to have it with just my guests because the resort wasn't super busy on that particular day. I did have to pay for 40 people though and I used a lot of persuasion to make it happen. Where did you go to take your trash the dress? We went to the green grotto caves in Runaway Bay. They're about 45 mins to an hour away. We didnt even get to shoot in half the really cool places there cuz the rain and mosquitoes kinda killed the mood. But I REALLY recommend it. Google it for images. Also, call them ahead of time and book a time slot and make a deal - there is an entrance fee but you can work something out with them. Where did you get the robes for your bridesmaids? I loved them! Thank you! I actually sewed them myself then took them to an embroidery place. You could easily buy robes and bring them to an embroiderer to have their names embroidered on them. Did you have your make up done by the hotel as well? It looks like your hair turned out great. Yep, hair and make up done at the spa - all my girls had both hair and make up done there. Congratulations, you have made me so excited!!! Thanks! Youre gonna have a blast! Ya, for the small difference in price it makes sense to stay the full week. I hope you get the date you want!! We actually started REALLY early because there was another wedding at the suites that day and they booked all the 11am-ish spots, I think we started at around 8 or 9am (whenever the spa opened). But I really liked going early, I didnt worry when I had them re-do my 'poof' 3 times and my appointment ran late cause I knew it was no rush. Plus I had time to make a few changes to my hair and make up in my room afterwards. We weren't sitting around waiting by any means... The walk down the aisle came fast enough!
  19. Alright ladies! The Professional Photos are in and I made a lil slideshow with some of them for you http://vimeo.com/breesvids/stephenandsabrinaweddingslideshow password: oneloveoneheart
  20. Pro Photos taken by Tara McMullen Photography. http://vimeo.com/breesvids/stephenandsabrinaweddingslideshow password - oneloveoneheart
  21. Hi Tiff, The coloured fabric I brought with me. I bought it at a fabric store in Toronto. The white sheer fabric is the resorts.
  22. There is a jamaican table at the buffet, its an option every night! Yum-o! If you dont do your reception at Uncle Tony's, I dont see why you cant have your ceremony on the beach on Thursday. The beach party doesnt start until later in the evening - I wanna say around 6 or 7pm.
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