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  1. Dropping asking price to $300. Would just like to get rid of it
  2. Ended up getting a 2nd dress and completely forgot about this one. Size 8, unaltered white wedding gown with matching veil. Style is fit and flare, strapless, open to mid back. Tons of detail on both the front and the back. Tried on once in the store and has been sitting in a garment bag ever since. I paid $675 for the dress and $115 for the veil (original receipt attached) - Asking $350 and will ship for free. Please let me know if you have any more questions or would like additional pictures.
  3. Hello ladies - for various reasons I ended up getting a 2nd wedding dress and am selling the first one. It was purchased at Trudy's Bridal in the Bay Area and was never worn other than to try it on in the store. It is an unaltered size 8. Original price was $795 and I got a veil that was another $100. Asking $600 OBO for both. Let me know if you would like more pictures or have any questions.
  4. Has anyone ever seen different material for chair sashes and table runners? I'm a tad into detail and I want everything to match but there's no organza table runner in that exact color. Has anyone ever seen them not be the same material? Thanks!!!
  5. Stupid question - did you peel of the original label or did you just put your own label on top. What about the cap? Thanks!
  6. What would you recommend to use if you want to glue 2 pieces of paper back to back? I'm worried using a glue stick as it often creates air bubbles, wrinkles in the paper, and becomes unglued in parts. Thanks!!
  7. I'm asking bc I started buying stuff for mine...and it's EXTREMELY heavy and I'm not even half way done. I have to make 24
  8. For anybody who made their own stamps for passport invitations - how do you get them to look slightly faded? Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have any ideas for cute/creative thank you cards? I did passports as invites and can't do boarding passes (friend did that) but still want to do something cute. any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Has anybody used them? I see everyone using the natural one but any thoughts on something like this? Hot Pink Palm Leaf Hand Fans, Wedding Favor Hand Fans
  11. There are 4 in each set (2 pairs) and I have 7 sets. We used them for table numbers but you can use them to hold place cards as well. $20 for all 7 seven sets. Â Â http://s832.photobucket.com/albums/zz247/bride2b10/To%20sell/
  12. Just wanted to let people know that I received an order of OOT bags (fabric with pocket in front) and they are great...especially for the price! I'm really happy with them. If anybody wants a picture let me know and I can upload.
  13. HI Ladies, Â So I'm finally getting around to cleaning out my "wedding stuff". My colors were fuschia and turquoise and I might add more stuff as I find it. Let me know if you have any questions Shipping is not included. Â Â 24 Johnson & Johnson 1st aid kit - $15 Â Â Custom made ring boy pillow and 2 flower girl baskets (We had 2 flower girls). $15 for each or $40 for all 3. Â Â I bought fuschia raffia fans and added a blue ribbon and a fake orchid (sorry the picture is a little blurry - I can provide more if need be. Also the color is a bit off but it's actually regular fuschia). I have 23 - $1 each or $20 for all. Â Â Â 2 branches of fake orchids - $7 Â Â So I was planning on selling all my fuschia napkins. Unfortunately, half went missing, and half fell victims to being outside all night and got some dirt on them that I cannot remove. I have 12 perfectly clean ones, and some that have spots on them. I'm only "selling" the clean ones but if you'd like, I can send the rest in case you have better luck in stain removal Again, they look a weird color but are actually fuschia - 12 - $5 Â Â I made a bunch of these as luggage tags. I don't need them so am giving them away for free (just pay shipping). I have about 150. Â Â Feel free to ask any questions or make an offer! Â
  14. I got that stuff from minimus.biz.
  15. Walgreens waterproof underwater camera (up to 35 feet deep) - $5 Â Â Raffia - $3 Â Â Clear bags - 4"x6" (95 count) - $3 Â Â 2 of each - sunblock, aloe vera, hand sanitizer with "Share the love, not the germs" on it - $3 for all 6 items. Â Â 5 of each - Tylenol, advil, motrin, shout wipes, wet wipes - $5 Â Â Please feel free to ask any questions or make an offer
  16. lisarie04 - you will be the next on my list if hzak1203 will not be interested
  17. It would be $4.05. Let me know if you're interested. Â Thanks!
  18. Here is a link to the pictures  http://s832.photobucket.com/albums/zz247/bride2b10/To%20sell/
  19. hmmm weird - i can see the pictures. Do you still not see them hzak1203?
  20. Where did people get their clear bags for their beach/hangover kits? I saw some bags at michael's but they were more for candy and way to narrow. thanks so much!
  21. So...I am definitely looking for a 100% honest opinion. My thought with wedding colors is that I wanted certain things to match/compliment each other - chair bows, turquoise runners, gm shirts, bm dresses, flowers, etc.. The one thing I didn't want in my wedding colors is our moms. My reasoning is that I just think it looks like they are one of the bridesmaids and it just seems odd to me. To make story short, Sunday FMIL tells me that she bought a dress in bright turquoise (my color) and sends me a link. Not only is it the perfect color, it's long and chiffon like my bridesmaids were suppose to have. My FMIL is walking my FI down the isle so I picture how all my bms/gms will walk down..and then his mom... am I making something out of nothing? Not bad considering I've been engaged 7 months and this is the 1st thing I freaked over
  22. bride2b10

    Am I wrong to be upset? (FMIL dress)

    so funny - I actually started this thread and it's fun to come back and read what people say. Well - the wedding is over and every time I look at pics I still get a little.. not so happy but in a slightly amused way. She looks just like a bridesmaid but unfortunately, the dress was not very flattering and that opinion was shared by many, including my MIL. At the end of the day - it really was not a huge deal and now I just laugh about it Now..my cousin getting the wrong shade of blue for her son (ring boy) and me not seeing it until the day of the wedding....that's a whole other story hahahahaha
  23. So I'm all for "kill 'em with kindness" when you are dealing with some annoying relative that you have to deal with but as a vendor, I don't think you should go out of your way to be nice (just my 2 cents). Despite the relationship through your friend, you are paying her for a service (not to mention you are doing her a huge favor by giving up the quality of your photos). If it were me, I'd probably make it clear (politely) that I'm hiring her for a service, and that if she can't provide that service, then you can find someone who can. It sounds mean but pictures are so important - you'll have that memory the rest of your life.... and having someone tell you what to do (with attitude on top of that) is just not appropriate imo. just my 2 cents