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Review - Riu Negril Club Hotel Wedding - 11/14/09

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Hello Brides!


I'm posting a review for the Riu Negril Club Hotel Jamaica. I know there aren't many reviews out there for this resort and that was frustrating as a bride!


Having a destination wedding was everything we dreamed it would be. If it's what you truly want to do then it will be amazing no matter what!! My overall experience was excellent! Probably because I was marrying the love of my life but I couldn't have asked for more!!



We had about 12 people join us in Jamaica. We used a local travel agent that specialized in all inclusive vacations so our guests could plan their own vacation since it was their trip as well! If people wanted to use an agent they had a choice or they could book their own trip as well! I was very stressed out about getting my dress there and I'm not going to lie it was stressful. Most airlines don't have a closet to hang a dress in so you have to take two overhead compartments to lay your dress flat. Most people understand and dont' mind that you have to take up two spots.

Wedding Coordinator

Dionne was amazing! She always emailed us back within a few days prior to the wedding if we had questions. So does this everyday so she has everything down to a science. Maybe it was because we were married during a slower season but she was very responsive. If you feel like you should be doing more........don't worry! That's the beauty of having a destination wedding! Someone over there is taking care of everything for you!!




I decided to get my makeup done at Renova Spa. Worried about prior reviews I read I was pleasantly surprised! My makeup looked great and didn't have complaints. I was lucky enough to have my own hair dresser as part of the wedding party so I didn't have my hair done. My MOH had hers done though and she loved it! It was wedding hair but looked great!!!




We had a beach ceremony and got the steel drum band!!! I SUGGEST YOU GET THE BAND! They were amazing and it really added to the ceremony! Guests from the hotel were flocking to come listen!!! The minister was super cute and did a great job. Sure there are people in bathing suits in most of my pictures and you can hear jetski's in the video but it adds to the authenticy!! The scenery is beautiful on the beach and you can't go wrong!



We had dinner at Shadows Steakhouse. The french onion soup was amazing and everyone said they loved the food! It was really a private dinner they set you up upstairs and don't let guests make reservations if there is a wedding being held. Really was a lovely evening. My only suggestion is bring a radio if you can! We didn't and it was quiet! BUT we liked listening to nature and the outdoors while we ate!



We had chocolate cake with pink decoration. The cake was good! I was pleasantly surprised. The deocration was funny but we didn't mind! They work so hard to make sure everything is perfect it really was cute!



We all just went to the hotel bar and disco after dinner. It was fine.....the disco is really small and it was dead. We loved that our first dance was to blame it on the alcohol! Ha! But you are there with your friends and family so that is all that matters. We only stayed out til midnight or so!




The staff really does their best to make sure you enjoy yourself! I would give it three stars. The food was good at all the venues but you definitely are ready for change after a week of being there! Still very good! I was pretty disappointed in the beach. There were really bad sand flies so you got attacked when you were on the beach! It was pretty small as well. I literally only went to the beach for the wedding. I have seen much prettier beaches but it was still nice. You are in the tropics so you really don't want to complain!!! Pool was okay. Once again you are there for the happiest day of your life so you don't let those things get to you. The entertainent at night was great!!!!






We chose to get an additional 24 pics with our package. The photographer was great! I was very pleased with how they turned out for not knowing what to expect. Below is a link to our photo album:)


Walgreens Photo Center | Share:Registration





We were married on Nov. 14th and we received our license today on 12/19! Once again we were married in a slow season so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it!



I hope this helps you Riu Negril Club Hotel Brides. It's your trip, enjoy it! You won't be disappointed!!

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congrats and thanks for sharing your great review & pics. Not that many as you say for Riu negril so really appreciated. Getting married there 5th March 2010 and getting really excited now.

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Congratulations to the both of you!!! Im getting married there April 13th 2010 and I have so many questions. Im really happy to see a club post because they are few and far between. Would you mind if I PM you to ask you some further questions about the resort and packages and whatnothuh.gif

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Wonderful review. Mm now I'm craving me some french onion soup wink.gif Glad to hear the Renova Spa came through for you and your MOH because I agree there tends to be quite a few mixed reviews on this spa.

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