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    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by mswhatever I just got married yesterday. It was so perfect. It was more than I expected. I will post more when I get home. All I can say is WOW! YIPPIE!!!! What a great update!!
  2. tiffandmarv

    Happy Wedding Day MsWhatever!

    Happy Wedding Day!!! Enjoy your day to the fulliest!!!!!! I am right behind you....so save some Rum Punch for me!
  3. tiffandmarv

    What's making you happy today?

    Had a totally surprised Bridal Shower at work today...it was great!
  4. tiffandmarv

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    love...born & bread MTV?
  5. tiffandmarv

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by elyse918 Just got back from Grand Palladium (7 days for pre-wedding, wedding, post wedding) then Honeymooned at Couples in Negril for 4 nights and Rockhouse for 4 nights. Responses to earlier questions: 1)Yes there is the beach bar-b-q on Friday; I did not go but based on my experience, no I do not think you will be able to reserve tables- it may be work asking the WC if tables could be set up above the bar,there are tables and chairs there but not sure about fitting 35 comfortably. 2)There are many options to start/end the race...depending on the time, there is a beach grill for grilled burgers for lunch, a water sports area, one of the smaller pools (there are 2) would be a good place to start or end as people waiting could have drinks but it is seculded enough where it would be easy to find everyone 3) Hard to find items...not sure...the time (no one wears a watch) & everyone in our group-lol. Definitely a lot harder than we thought to reach people (there is not voice mail in the rooms)...but bring a lot of suscreen, it was $18 per bottle. I would fill out the wedding coordinator form and request everyone in the same building, we ended up with all but 4 rooms (35 people attended) in 2 adjacent buildings. 4) Food at sports bar...was more bar food style items, not the best for a full dinner. I had the WC get a reseration for 35 at the buffet at no charge so this may also be an option for you. Hope that helps... Thanks for this info, I found it helpful. I too will be marrying at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton and honeymooning at Couples Negril
  6. tiffandmarv

    how many guests at your wedding?

    We invited about 90 people and 56 people have booked and are coming to Jamaica with us!!
  7. Yes indeedy, our month is finally here! Things are going well for me. Things that were stressing me out have all fallen into place. So I am feeling real good right now!
  8. tiffandmarv

    Pops in your head

    I suck : hard candy
  9. tiffandmarv

    Who paid for your dress

    I paid for my dress. Both my parents are retired and on a tight fixed income. I also paid for their plane tickets. My mother is very eager to help with all my DIY projects though...which works great for me!
  10. tiffandmarv

    Pops in your head

    actor: strike
  11. tiffandmarv

    Pops in your head

    girls night: comedy!
  12. tiffandmarv

    Kudos for 123Print.com

    I second that kudo!!! I've ordered a lot of stuff from VistaPrint in the past but I also ordered my doorhangers from 123print.com. I was very happy with the results. I just order oversized postcards for my welcome letter and wedding itinerary...I am hoping they turn out just as great!
  13. tiffandmarv

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jerseykitten I think it was $70 - make sure they get the "event pass" that covers the entire time - they have one for days and one for nights but the "event pass" covers the day and night. Nina (WC) also told me they have two different event passes depending on your age. $70 for adults and $35 for anyone 12 years old or younger.
  14. tiffandmarv

    Pops in your head

    our wedding meal : need to finalize!
  15. tiffandmarv

    Pops in your head

    Nice weather : East coast