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Day of Schedule-Cabo-Dreams

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Hi girls,


20 days and counting and want to firm up my schedule for the day of so that nothing runs late. I'd like to get your opinion if I am over or under estimating the timing!


10:00-Brunch and coffee for hangover, potential bloody to calm nerves.

11:00-Chill by the pool for one hour

12:30 Go shower

1:00 Get Hair and nails done

3:00: Do make up

3:45 put on Dress and have one glass of champagne-nerves again

4:30-Guests arrive, grab a water or cocktail from the bar and be seated at Gazebo

5:00-Here comes the bride

5:30 (at the latest)- Ceremony done, mariachi band plays, more cocktails served and canapes passed. (we go take photos)

6:30-Head to dinner area by Oceania Pool

6:45-Everyone is seated and they begin serving while best man gives speech. (What do you think of this part? Is this the best time?)

8:00-First dance, followed by Daughter Daughter and then dance party USA or Mexico

10:30-They try to shut the music off and I bribe Mariana to go a wee bit longer.

10:45+-Drinks at bar in hotel and people head into town for more dancing.


What do you honestly think? Am I leaving anything out?





Bride from London



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Looks good! I would add in the cutting of the cake and the tossing of the bouquet if you are planning on doing those activities. It's good to be able to write those in so you don't have to think about them on the day of and the coordinator can tell you when it's time.


Andrea - that's one hell of a sig pic! wink.gif

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Yes must do the cake cutting. I'm skipping the bouqet. I'm over 30 and so are all my friends and I won't put them through that. I'm giving it to a good single friend for good luck.


I arrive actually a week before since we are coming from London I figure let's make a week of it! Where are you staying Andrea?

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I'm staying all over....I arrive with my folks on the 22nd and they are staying at Los Cabos Country Club in the Corridor....then on the 26 I'm going to be staying at Bahia Condos up the hill from The Office with a friend of mine then on the 28th (wedding day) I'm going to be staying at Villa del Arco.

We leave Sunday night back to LA



Where are you staying?

We need to meet up for dinner or drinks

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Originally Posted by Lee_Keenan View Post
6:45-Everyone is seated and they begin serving while best man gives speech. (What do you think of this part? Is this the best time?)
We did our best man & maid of honor speeches at the same time (very beginning of dinner). It worked out perfectly!

Are you taking any pictures before-hand with a photographer? I would build that in to your schedule so your parents or friends know when to be ready and where to meet (your room usually). Also, if the boys are taking pictures, you probably want to include that too, so that they are ready on time.

You are going to have so much fun! Congrats!!
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Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post
I would say if you want a group picture, schedule that in immediately following the ceremony. That way you won't forget
We did this and I think if we hadn't done it right after the ceremony it wouldn't have been possible.

If you're doing any "getting ready" pics I would build that into the schedule as well so the photographer knows where he/she needs to be when.

We had our toasts done at the end of dinner but before dancing started. It worked out well because everyone was seated. If you're having a buffet rather than a plated (we had a buffet) then I recommend doing the speeches at the end of dinner rather than the beginning when everyone is standing up and getting food. If you're doing a plated meal just keep in mind that if you do it at the beginning there will be servers walking in and out with food.
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