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Went To Kleinfeld Blowout Sale Yesterday

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I found very little info about this sale and what to expect prior to going so I thought that I would report back. Well...I went to the Kleinfeld Blowout Sale yesterday. This is different from the sample sale that they hold every month. All items were further discounted by 35%, including veils, accessories, shoes, etc.


I was expecting it to be completely chaotic, but it wasn't. The sale was to start at 3pm...ending at 7pm. I got there at 12:30 and didn't see anyone outside the store. I thought this was odd. I went inside and it turns out that they have a system in place where you go in, get a number, and they told us to come back at 2:30pm. Had I known...I would have went first thing in the morning and gotten a number. I was #82. I was soooo happy that I didn't have to wait outside in line all of that time...great system.


I got back around 2:20 and thank goodness I did...they started calling numbers by 2:20. They took 50 numbers in the first round. Shockingly, even as # 82, I was in the store and out by 5:00pm. They were VERY organized. No running and snatching dresses like a madwoman. They only allowed 1 person in the dressing room with you which had two brides at a time. Your other guests have to wait outside in the lobby area standing as they remove the sofas for the sale. You can however come out and show them your dress. You are also allowed only 3 dresses in the room at a time.


I am a plus-size and they had about 50-75 sample dresses in sizes 16-24. Most were size 18-20. Of course, there were many more dresses in regular sizes. I didn't find anything BUT...I met Randy, Joan, Nicole and the owner. OMG....they were soooooo nice!!! Keisha, Sarah, and Diane were not there.


Also...they had a HUGE sale on shoes. All were 29.99 PLUS 35% off. I purchased a $520.00 pair of shoes for $21.00 for my cousin...they were gorgeous.


Soooo...if you are thinking of going to the blow-out sale....do it. Just go early to get a number and then leave.

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Thanks for sharing this info! I was just at the store over the holiday weekend with my mom and sister. Sarah worked with me she was very sweet! I didn't find my dress that either that day either, mainly because the dresses I liked were outside of my price range.


So did they announce when the next blow-out sale would be taking place?

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