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  1. Many brides, myself included, bought linen suits from Studiosuits.com, Custom Suits | Designer Suits. They have various colors. I had the groom and groomsmen wear natural linen suits, and my brother, who walked me down the aisle, wore a beige linen suit. Each suit was $99, but about $125/ea. including shipping since they come from India. All the suits were of great quality, and my husband actually ended up ordering 2 suits, and now considering more.
  2. For my wedding, I had my son's linen suit made using an etsy seller, and he is 19 months old. It was a great suit (vest and pants), but he had a growth spurt before the wedding and so he was wearing high waters...lol His suit was made with ivory linen. Oatmeal Linen Pants and waistcoat/vest Set by finehandmadeclothing
  3. I had my wedding (vow renewal) on July 3, 2010 at the Wyndham Nassau Resort. I did my own hair, by I had Hollis Cosmetics do the make-up for me and my bridesmaids, and they are located in a shop at the Wyndham. The resort handled the flowers and decor thought..
  4. I haven't had one, but I plan to get one, I also lost quite a bit of weight b/c I had always been overweight, and when I was pregnant I got up to 260lbs+. I've already had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, b/c I also want an arm lift, thigh lift, and breast augmentation and lift, so that I could find out what I could do now, and what I should wait for b/c we want at least one more kid. So my plan is the boobies and arm lift first, and after I have the next kid, tummy tuck then thigh lift, since he prefers to do the tummy tuck first before the thigh lift, it will end up being 3 surgeries in all.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Diva Did most of you go with the custom made, or the pre-set sizes they have? Some of the measurements they are asking for seem a bit much for custom suiting from past expericence... I ordered 4 suits with the custom measurements and 1 with the pre-set sizes. My husband's two suits and his dad's suit were perfect.. the same lady did their measurements. My brother and my uncle said their suits were too tight so they had to get them taken out... I question the method used for their measurements. The other groomsman who ordered the pre-set suit, his was great, he just had to get it taken in, since he lost more weight since we ordered his suit.
  6. Correction: I just found my receipt, and I actually dropped it off on May 17, 2010, which means she's had over a MONTH to do the alterations.. crazy..
  7. Thanks ladies! I sent my husband, because I tend to cry when I get pissed, and I don't want to stand there blubbering incoherently, before leading into the "evil" phase where the tears dry up and the cursing begins.. (I'm aware of my anger issues).. and my the hubby is more direct and less sympathetic with excuses.. ( he's a Sgt.) .. but not as emotional. I decided that if both dresses can't be done, it would be easier just to get my white one done and wear that as a wedding dress. It really only needs the hem done since it's too long. I just can't believe this happened...who does this too people!
  8. So, I dropped off two dresses 3 weeks ago to the seamstress to get taken in. One was an A-line Satin Bridal Gown that I think was ordered too big in the first place, but then I lost 25lbs since then anyways. The other was a simple gown that I was going to wear for my reception, that only had to be taken in because I lost 10lbs since I bought that. So, she told me that they would be ready on June 20. May I remind you, she picked the date, I didn't, and my wedding is on Saturday, July 3. I figured if she picked the date, it would be a sufficient time for her. So, she told me that she would call me when it's finished. So, the 20th was Sunday. Monday goes by... Tuesday goes by.. Wednesday goes by.. so I call her yesterday to ask her about the dresses. Her: "When do you want to come pick them up!", and I'm thinking they are ready, Me:"I can come tomorrow!". Her:"Oh they aren't ready!", Me: "When will they be ready", Her: "Oh, uhm.. what about next Friday!" WTF are you serious!!! Me:" That's way too late! My flight leaves next THURSDAY!", Her:" Oh what about next Wednesday" Me: "That's cutting it way to close, what if I need additional alterations." Her:"Well do you need both of the dresses?" Me:"Yes! I need them both!" Her:"Well, I can do them for Monday, MAYBE!" Me: "Okay, that's fine!".. Hang up! WTF can I do, I'm beyond pissed! I feel helpless, my husband is sitting next time, and says that he would go up there tomorrow,which is now today, to see if she has even started on the dresses, if not, he's going to find another seamstress that can do it ASAP, but who can do two gowns that fast without charging out the @$$! Everything with this wedding was going so smoothly... I'm so.. OMG
  9. I have natural hair, been natural for 4 years, so for my vow renewal, I'm wearing a twist-out with a hair flower, and the back pinned up. I went natural partly because when going to the gym in the mornings, I would only have enough time to pin it up for work, because it would be soaking wet, but with my natural hair, it takes me 5-10 minutes to just pull it back into puff and fluff it, or if it's already in braids, I just smooth the edges. For me, it's low maint, especially with everything I have going on...lol
  10. My wedding is next week, and I started the Crest 3D Whitening last week, which is just a 10day regimen.
  11. I'm 26 and my husband is 27, but we are 5 months apart.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva Aww...love the idea of the linen suit and shirt for your 18month old...how cute!!! BTW...you've done a lot!! I wanted him to look like my husband's lil twin lol... Luckily I'm OCD enough to write down everything, which explains this ridiculous Packing List I developed lol!
  13. OMG! The day is almost here! Things done: 1. Made Hair Appt to get hair trimmed and colored ( I have natural hair, so I may wear a twist-out or fro with my hair flower, both of which I can do myself) 2. Made Waxing Appt (.. never a happy time.. ) 3. Finalized Cake 4. Made Appt for make-up (I'm getting Airbrush!) 5. Order Programs, Photosharing Cards, Postcards, and Calendar Magnets from VistaPrint for my quasi-OOT Bags lol (quasi meaning they get a lil something something.. but I am on a budget!) 6. Dropped off my Bridal Gown and Reception dress to get altered (lost 25 lbs from the day I ordered the gown ). 7. I ordered passport covers and luggage tags .. for us. 8. I ordered Wedding Favors from a fellow BDW'er. (starfish bottle toppers) 9. Bought all the Groomsmen and Groom's Shirts, Suits, Ties, and Pocket Squares. 10. Paid the photographer and the resort. Things left to do: 1. Finish packing (yes, I made this insane packing list and have started packing already) 2. My son (18mths) is getting a custom made long sleeve linen shirt by someone off of etsy to match his linen suit, that I also got from etsy. 3. Fedex Real Touch Flowers to the WC 4. Buy a steamer for the dresses and linen suits. 5. Teeth Whitening (** BLING! **) 6. Bridal Jewelry 7. Practice walking around in the shoes 8. come up with a gameplan on how the dresses will make it to the Bahamas. 9. Plan the snorkel trip and trip to Atlantis for the immediate fam 10. French mani & pedi
  14. I will take all of the Starfish Wine Bottle Stoppers, if available. PM'ing you!
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