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I am so excited! But I sure can use some help.

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Hi Everyone! My name is Tina and I am getting married in Cancun, Mexico on June 5 2010.


I feel blessed that I found this sight. Not only do I look forward to everyoneâ€s suggestions and learning from others experiences but as most of you will probably agree weddings are expensive and I hope to use the research you Brides and Grooms have done in order to make my wedding a bit more cost efficient.


I hope to learn some tricks for my resort, wedding invitations, travel bags for our guest, and what if anything other Cancun couples did to entertain their guest. If you have seen a great post that could help me find some answers, please send them my way.


Congratulations to all of the couples out there on your up incoming nuptials!

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Congrats! I agree, this forum has been a great resource. It's so nice to hear about other peoples idea's and experience, I've been finding it a great help too. Have fun with your planning.

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