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  1. I suggest you contact Diana directly for costs, each package is different, what I can tell you is that after all my research she was the best deal all around and I liked her personality. Dea Quote: Originally Posted by amqueens Your pics are beautiful!! U look wonderful!! Do u mind sharing how much you paid? I am trying to pick a photographer and I would love to get some prices. Thanks!
  2. Thank you very much. The dress was great it was really light weight and was all natural materials so it allowed for air movement. The details on the top are from hand made lace, and the great thing about the dress is once the AHR is done the dress can be cut down and I can wear it again. We took over 150 pounds of school supplies. We asked for school supplies instead of shower or wedding gifts. Our friends are very generous and I was really grateful for that. Air Canada on the other hand refused to waive the baggage fees or even allow us extra luggage so we paid for the shipping. The schools really appreciated it and the kids loved it. And it made us feel really good about ourselves. Dea Quote: Originally Posted by ML YoungLove Great pictures! I love your wedding dress. The top details are beautiful! Also, just wanted to commend you guys on bringing all of the school supplies. Great idea! Congrats!!
  3. Hi Sorry it took so long to post this, the photographer was fabulous, Diana and Richard spent the entire day with us for our wedding and then came back two days later CD of pictures in hand (as per our request) to do the TTD session. In total there are over 1000 photos, we have posted a few of our favorites. Diana and Richard took the time to walk the resort to find the best place for pictures, she also allowed us to show her some of our favorite spots. The TTD session was done at Mayfield falls, I highly recommend this - it is very natural, not a lot of tourists which meant we did not have to wait for people to get out of the photos. The resort photographer was terrible and a cheat. The package we purchased through the hotel provided for 8 - 5 x 7 photos, he gave us 8 - 4 x 6 photos printed on a cheap printer. The photos have lines going through them and are pixelated. The TTD photos show pictures of us going to a local school to drop off school supplies. Instead of shower gifts we asked for school supplies to give to the schools in Jamaica. We took down over 150 pounds of school supplies - to put this into context this was two and a half large suitcases full of supplies. What we did not drop off Diana and Richard dropped off for us. I highly recommend Diana and Richard I can't say enough about the service or the photos or the friends I have of them. Someone here asked for a price - Each package is different so I suggest you contact them directly, I can tell you that we never could have gotten the service we did from any other photographer for the price they charged us. We also had all the photos in hand before we left Jamaica. Pictures can be seen on our facebook account here is the link to our wedding photos: Wedding | Facebook and here is the link to our ttd session: TTD | Facebook To add to the day Diana provided us with the Sand for the sand ceremony and she provided us with all the flower you see lining the path to the gazebo - this was an entire green garbage bag full. If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me. Dea
  4. I can't say enough about Diana, they provided the sand for the sand ceremony, Diana brought a huge garbage bag full of blooms that lined the walkway to the Gazebo. They arrange for us to go to Mayfield falls and to deliver the school supplies along the way. Without them the wedding would have been very different. I must add though that for everything positive I have to say about Diana and Richard I have nothing positive to say about the resort photographer or the pictures he provided. Dea
  5. I have wanted to post this since we got home but Christmas got in the way. Our photographer was amazing. Her name is Diana and her sons name is Richard. They took over 1000 photographs of the wedding, completed photoshop accents on approximately 20 (fabulous job) photos and the disk with all the photos was presented to us just two days after the wedding. We also did a trash the dress session, this was done two days following our wedding (our choice) we went to Mayfield falls, again Richard took over 600 photos (all to our liking) I personally recommend Diana and Richard as photographers for your wedding. Here is there web site: Negril Wedding Photographers, Montego Wedding Photography, Jamaica Wedding Photographer, Jamaica Weddings, Photojournalism If you would like to see our photo's they are here at facebook: Gash Wedding | Facebook I also have my Trash the dress session as well as us delivering school supplies to the local schools they are available on facebook here is the link: TTD | Facebook If you have any questions pm me. Dea
  6. I have seen men wear tuxedo's at beach weddings. He will look fabulous, as a couple you will look great and he will be happy. One less thing to cause stress. Dea
  7. I received my refund payment from paypal last night. After the resolution period had ended. As for the item I purchased from Lulucarmen I never received anything and it was shipped in Canada, there is no way it took a month. I purchased my wedding dress from Saskatchewan, it shipped in three days regular parcel post. As far as I am concerned this is over, however just for your information Lulucarmen you have made it difficult for me to trust people. What ever your intentions were the outcome was unforgivable. Dea
  8. Got my email from PAYPAL - same response as Finzup received, I won but no funds were recovered. Contacting Visa now. Dea
  9. Have them shipped to a UPS in the states and make a trip across the border to pick them up. We do this all the time. If it is too far to travel pm me privately we might be able to arrange something, I am forty minutes from ogdensburg, we have been shipping stuff there all along. In addition I have been picking up stuff for another bride on this site. Dea Quote: Originally Posted by trobin01 Really cute. Good job on keeping the colour theme. I am so sad that discountfavors.com does not ship to Canada. Your stadium cups look great.
  10. Sorry I forgot the biggest thing, I made a 20 page scrapbook for each couple/guest attending. Dea
  11. Thanks for all the great ideas, my oot bags are complete: Insulated mugs with our Name and Logo Sewing Kits First Aid kit Lip Balm for each person Embroidered Tote Bags After Sun Lotion Tums Dissolvable powder Instant Toothbrushes Advil Chocolates two decks of cards Brochure Welcome Letter Dea
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