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  1. [bumping] Im curious about the airbrush make-up also....
  2. OK, so I just read through the entire thread and have not done a lick of work since Monday. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the starfish theme!! A BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed!!! XO
  3. You guys are a BLESSING!!! This site is absolutely amazing!! Im not even engaged yet and my whole wedding is almost completely planned!! THANKS LADIES!!!!
  4. Hi and Congratulations!!! Check out the "Moon Palace 2010 Brides!!" thread. There is very useful information in there!! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-brides-47883/
  5. Ok, so I just finished reading through the whole thread and I am seriously considering MP for my wedding in 2011. I originally was gung ho for Dreams Cabo but the plane tickets alone were over $600!! No one would have shown up!! Thanks for all your post and info ladies!! XO
  6. I REALLY, REALLY dislike the Gazebo!!! I want to book DRC but I am quite concerned about privacy during the wedding ceremony. My initial choice was to utilize the Gazebo wherever it is I choose to have my wedding but not at DRC!!! (I didnt want the ceremony on the beach.) And the fact that I would I probably have to walk between vacationers lounging in pool chairs doesnt sit well with me at all!!! I'm sad...!
  7. I am SO SORRY you had to go through that!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! It is reviews like this one that save people time, money and agony!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you for your review. It was very helpful!! I am especially concerned (and turned-off I might add) about the location of the wedding ceremonies. This may sway my decision to choose this resort. Thanks again.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MsShelley I have merged your thread with another thread asking the same questions. *Sorry!!* Thanks!
  10. My soon to be FI were thinking about having our legal ceremony in April and then having a wedding a year later in Mexico. The reason for the delay is strictly financial. But I dont want to be married for a year because I dont think it'll have the same excitement. I just text my FI and told him instead of having our legal ceremony in April 2010, Id rather wait till the actual wedding in 2011. I let you know his reply.
  11. Ok, so I have been wondering this for awhile; what day of the week should the actual wedding day fall on? Friday? Saturday? Also, are your guest flying up for the whole week? I was wondering if I should have the wedding on Thursday and let the guest have the next few days to themselves? I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!! Your help will be greatly appreciated!!
  12. Burn after reading:George Clooney
  13. You guys stories are GREAT and so inspiring!! Ill be glad when I can share mine!!
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