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The most romantically disgusting proposal ever!

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#1 amandseth

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    Posted 17 September 2009 - 05:54 PM

    Notice I did not say disgustingly romantic. lol.

    Wes and I had been talking about engagement, but he was fairly adamant that it had to be on his terms, he wanted it to be memorable and a surprise. But I knew it was in the works and would occasionally tell him what style of rings I liked, eventually convincing him to take me out ring shopping sometime.

    One day, we're out at the mall, and he caves in to my pestering. We go to a few places and I show him what I like. After the first few stores, texts start ringing on his phone and he keeps replying, telling me it's his buddy. I eventually get a bit annoyed b/c this I wanted his undivided attention...

    Anyway, a few weeks go by and we go out to his parents place for Christmas. They live on a lake, so we'd planned to do some ice fishing. We celebrated on Christmas Eve, since his sister would be celebrating with her husbands family on Christmas day, so on Christmas morning he gets up and is gung ho for some ice fishing. It's -30 degrees celcius (-22F), so I tell him I'll go if he drills the holes and comes back for me. First he can't get the quad started. So his dad goes to plug it in and sets a heat lamp in the shed. By the time it starts, it's halfway through the morning. He takes the electric auger down to the lake and it won't work. Comes back up to the house for the manual auger (to manually drill the holes in ice 2 feet deep!) and now I'm thinking he's crazy. It's -30! You are going to WAY to much trouble here! Plus it was closing in on noon, when the fishing isn't great anyway! But, my man loves to fish, so I chalked it up to him not being on the lake for awhile.

    Anyway, we finally get down to the lake and hole up into little single man ice fishing huts. Much to his chagrin, I'm not the silent fisher type. I'm singing, making up stories, vying to catch a fish....

    He eventually gets out of his tent and declares that the minnows aren't working, lets switch to maggots. I concur and he tells me that I've got to bait it myself (I'm a bit squeamish in this regard). I say, no way, but I'll pick the maggot. So he brings me the little bag of maggots and I dig my finger into the sawdust to pull one out, and TA-DA!! I pull out a diamond ring. He's down on one knee in front of the tent, and proposes. I clamber out of the tent and throw my arms around him and of course, say yes!

    This is especially funny as my husband to be is an entomologist (he studies bugs), so he started telling people he was going to rear the maggots and do a fly releasing at the wedding. LMAO! Obviously I've gotton used to his interest in creepy crawly things (we've got 5 tarantulas as pets), this proposal may not have flown with most girls! hahaha

    Back to the beginning of the story... turns out when he took me browsing he had already bought my ring the week before with the assistance of my brothers wife, and was texting back and forth with her, panicked that he'd made the wrong choice! And he continued to panick for the next 3 weeks! BUt I love my ring, and still find myself staring at the light bounce off it. So pretty.

    Anyway, that's it! I'm sure the most disturbing proposals in BDW history! but it's mine, it's memorable, and I love it! :)
    Annie and Wes, 11.11.09, GRP

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    #2 shortnsweet7675

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      Posted 17 September 2009 - 07:01 PM

      How sweet. I think it is probably safe to say that no one has an engagement story like yours.

      #3 mellowyellow

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        Posted 17 September 2009 - 08:18 PM

        thats cute and totally unique!

        #4 amqueens

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          Posted 17 September 2009 - 08:25 PM

          Aww.. Very nice!!
          - Anne-Marie

          #5 amygirl1169

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            Posted 17 September 2009 - 10:11 PM

            hahaha, yep, that's pretty gross!!

            I was sort of the same way with the ring hint dropping and little did I know, he had already purchased it and it was stashed in our place for 3 weeks! We're just impatient girls!!!

            #6 taugania

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              Posted 17 September 2009 - 10:34 PM

              Yay! Love that it was so perfect and specific to the two of you. Congrats.

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              #7 Moonrhea

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                Posted 17 September 2009 - 10:47 PM

                certainly original, and memorable, and surprisingly romantic, congratulations

                #8 CarlyChristine

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                  Posted 17 September 2009 - 11:13 PM

                  you can bet your on a short list of girls who had maggots involved in her proposal! I love how unique it is though.

                  #9 super19

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                    Posted 18 September 2009 - 09:29 AM

                    What a wonderful way to propose...you'll remember that moment forever! Congrats!

                    #10 wilsoml2

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                      Posted 18 September 2009 - 04:14 PM

                      I love your story and I love that he incorporated something that he loves when proposing to you! I probably wouldn't have been bothered by the whole maggot thing either, glad to see I'm not the only non-girly girl on here!

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