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    How to stay not-sick b/f the big day?

    I swear by echinacea, I take the capsules though. Get them at the drug stores/Walmart etc. Don't take it if your allergic to ragweed though. I'm going to start taking it a week before we leave. It's always worked for me in the past.
  2. Moonrhea

    Getting married in Panama!

    Hi I'm also getting married at the Royal Decameron on November 18th 2009. I haven't been able to find out anything about weddings. (besides the packages offered). I'd love to hear any information you might have!
  3. Hey We've had the same problem, a groomsmen and our mc's who haven't booked. The deadline to be included in our group, with our group rate was yesterday, so I doubt their coming though I still don't really know. I love your attitude, cause it is kinda funny!! Certainly see different peoples characters. On the otherside we have two friends who have a been ecstatic for us from the beginning who struggle with money normally but have spent the last 6 mths busting their butt and scrimping, just so they can attend. hmmm!!
  4. Moonrhea

    Great Shoe Find

    wow great find, what a good deal
  5. Moonrhea

    June 2010 Wedding in Mexico!

    congratulations, welcome
  6. certainly original, and memorable, and surprisingly romantic, congratulations
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    Wonderful story, proposed to at the Grand Canyon, I'm jealous!! Congratulations.
  8. Moonrhea

    New Person To The Group

    congratulations, welcome
  9. Love the dress, you look beautiful in it!
  10. Moonrhea

    Hello Everyone!

    congratulations, and welcome
  11. Moonrhea

    Ah finally!!

    congratulations, welcome
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    very nice of u to help out, welcome
  13. Moonrhea

    Soon to be Mrs. Haney

    congratulations and welcome
  14. Moonrhea

    Wedding in Grand Cayman Islands

    Congratulations, welcome to the forum