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Newbie from NYC

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Hi everyone,


I'm joining as the maid of honor (technically matron, but by now everyone knows better than to call me that!) of another member, blumenthale. Emily will be getting married on May 8th at the RIU Montego Bay and we are extremely excited!


This forum has already proven to be invaluable in planning, so thanks to all for your input! Good luck to all the brides out there, you've made an awesome decision.


By the way, I'm a personal trainer and nutritionist, so if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to ask.




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Hi-ya, Noemi!


That's super cool that you have joined the site as Emily's matron of honor! I hope she appreciates what a wonderful friend (and bridal party member!) you area, and you're just gonna LOVE BDW!


This site is a wedding-planning heaven! welcome4.gif

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