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  1. Definately the first dress.... you rock it!
  2. Great Review. Looking forward to the pictures. Makes me VERY glad I had no rain in the forecast for my wedding to add to the stress!!! Glad everything turned out for you. Congrats!!
  3. I did not feel as though our reception was rushed... not sure how other brides felt. I don't think that I've read any reviews saying so. Your DJ should be bringing some lighting, so even if you don't pay extra to continue the wait staff, maybe you can still continue your reception?
  4. Congrats! Great review! Glad your wedding turned out wonderful.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mimi73 No! I wish! It was about 1200 each, and then 700-ish per kid Keep waiting for "Kids Stay Free sales". Dreams does a couple a year. Then you just pay airfare. Kid is defined as 12 and under. 13 and over is considered an adult.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Care42Pat so wait, that means you're paying less than $2000 TOTAL for both of you?? per person!! Sorry about that! We booked 5 nights at Dreams Tulum and 7 nights at Secrets, airfare and transfers for $5000 - something.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by vlynnw ok my BM just emailed me the quote she got from our TA The rates listed are per room based on double-occupancy & include roundtrip air from Cleveland (see schedule), roundtrip airport transfers, 7-nights’ accommodations at Dreams Tulum, all-inclusive package (drinks, meals, & gratuities), taxes, and cancel-for-any-reason trip insurance. 7-night stay in deluxe garden view room = $3174 (deposit = $1420; final payment due 3/13/11) 7-night stay in deluxe ocean view room = $3638 (deposit = $1454; final payment due 3/13/11) is it just me or does that seem a little high? We fly out of Cleveland every time ... never for this much. You should be able to find a package that averages to be about $1300 - 1500 for 7 nights per person. This will rise and fall a bit with airfare. Part of the problem may be that some rates have not been released yet. Airline rates are usually not valid until you hit about 6 months out from travel. Also, there seems to be about 2-3 sales for Dreams packages a year, which brings down prices. We had a May wedding and advised our guests not to book before October/November to get good rates. In the fall, you start seeing Spring sales.
  8. Congrat!! Dreams is a great wedding destination!
  9. AmyandRich

    MnM2Mexico: Review Dreams Tulum

    Quote: Originally Posted by MnM2Mexico just curious-- who was your wedding coordinator? Our cordinator was Natalia as well. My husband and I both commented many times while we were there on how professional and thorough she was. There were 3 weddings a day while I was there (I ran into the other brides at the salon). Maybe because we met Natalia on our site visit and made a point of keeping up conversation with her through email helped I don't know.
  10. There are a few options for coktail hour. We went with the Lobby Terrace. The hotel asked all non-wedding party guests to leave. They set up an horderve table. There were tables and chairs there as it it an out side "lounge area". We chose this option because we were concerned about heat. From the terrace, our guests could also go into the lobby bar, which is air conditioned. There are large glass doors between the two, so guests could still see each other regardless of which area they were in. The heat ended up not being bad for our cocktail hour, so all of our guests stayed outside. There is also enough room for the marriachi band to set up and play, without getting in the way. I did see a couple of cocktail hours set up on the beach, very near where the ceremony takes place. For these, there were a few tables set up and a couple of chairs from the ceremony were left. I believe the other option for cocktai hour is the courtyard outside of the chapel. This area is also an entrance into the Asian resteraunts. The courtyard is really cute though. Are you sure you would have to rent tables and chairs? Shouldn't seating be included?
  11. AmyandRich

    Newbie... Dreams Tulum booked for April 26, 2011!

    Congrats!! Dreams is an Awesome choice!!! We LOVED our wedding! Good luck!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashleyciv hiii everyone! Is anyone or has anyone had a beach reception? We were thinking about either the beach reception or seaside grill because we def want it outside. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks! We had our reception on the beach next to the Relax pool. Our table was set up in the middle of a grove of palm trees and it looked really nice. The sand is packed down firmly, so you're not walking through dunes. The guitartist had a speaker set up so we didn't hear any of the resort noise. To us, it felt like we were on our own private island! I almost chose a reception at one of the pools....but at the last momment I thought.. What other time in my life will I get to have a recption dinner with my family... on the sand? For us, it really made the beach wedding truly feel like a beach wedding.
  13. AmyandRich

    Dreams Tulum Newbie

    Congrats!! Great choice! There are lots of reviews to read and lots of Dreams Tulum brides to ask questions to. Enjoy!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by SaraMexicoBride Hey ladies! So we're getting closer to booking a day but I just found out that all the 3:30 spots are taken already for that week! I can't believe, it's not till next may! So we might have to take a 5:00 spot. Has anyone gotten married in that time? Did you have enough time for pictures afterwards before it got dark? Thanx! Our wedding was scheduled for 5pm on May 7 this year... it got pushed back to 5:30. We had plenty of light for pictures. We did group photos, photos on the beach, in the jungle area off the beach, around the resort and at the cocktail hour. The photos at cocktail hour are the only ones you can tell are in twilight lighting. We actually got some great sunset poses in too! I think the temperature difference between the 2 times is helpful too... you don't want to be sweating through your dress!!!
  15. AmyandRich

    MnM2Mexico: Review Dreams Tulum

    Wow - Your experience was soooo different than ours... I'm really sorry to hear about your treatment. We were a wedding of 18 people and NEVER once felt like the larger weddings were more important. Congrats on the wedding.... Wish you many years of happiness!!! Looking forward to pics.