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#1 futuremrssoisson

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    Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:04 PM

    Hello all you lovely ladies!

    My name is Jenn and my fiance, Scott, and I will be getting married in Punta Cana June 2010. We will be going with his two wonderful sons from his previous marriage and about 20 of our family and friends! We will be booking our trip in the next 2 weeks and I'm very anxious for it! It's been stressful dealing with (mainly) his family because they don't want to spend the money to come. However, in September following the wedding we're going to have a big party to celebrate the wedding. Although really it's just an excuse to party with our family and friends!

    My whole outlook on marriage and weddings changed since being involved with Scott. I'm so grateful for our situation with his kids-I love them very much and I'm very involved in their life. It hasn't been easy and the future won't be easy either. I get my feelings hurt a lot but there a lot of fun-filled and loving times that make up for it! I get along with his ex which is also good for the kids to see.

    Everyone gave us a hard time about taking the kids to our wedding but I really can't imagine getting married without them because they're such a big part of my life! Scott and I don't get much "alone time" anyways so it doesn't even matter to me. We figured that with our family being there we'd get some "us" time!

    Anyways I look forward to getting to know you all!


    #2 *Karla*

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      Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:07 PM

      Congrats and Welcome to the Forum! Happy Planning

      #3 shoyum

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        Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:07 PM

        Congrats Jenn!! I think its great your including his kids! He is lucky to have you!! You'll find tons of info on this site, good luck planning!!

        #4 super19

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          Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:16 PM

          Welcome Jenn! Congrats. You've come to the right place, you'll love this forum.

          Happy planning,

          #5 jenniebey

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            Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:22 PM

            Congratulations on your engagement! Welcome to the forum.

            Planning can be stressful on families and couples, but it's great that you're including his kids. It will make the day so special!

            #6 Love3

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              Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:34 PM

              Hello congrats and welcome good idea bringing the kids good choice!

              #7 shellk

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                Posted 26 August 2009 - 12:58 PM

                happy dw planning

                #8 dinogomez.com

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                  Posted 26 August 2009 - 01:54 PM

                  Welcome to the forum and congratulations!! You've come to the right place; here you can find all the info you need for a fun, smooth and successful planning!! Enjoy!!!

                  #9 ~Nicole~

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                    Posted 26 August 2009 - 02:44 PM

                    Congrats and to the forum! Good luck and happy planning!
                    *Formerly Nikki07*
                    My Planning Thread

                    #10 vlynnw

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                      Posted 26 August 2009 - 02:51 PM

                      Congrats and welcome!
                      Veronica & Adam - May 6, 2011 - Dreams Tulum

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