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BDW Biggest Loser ~ Season 7

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#141 KLC77

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    Posted 28 September 2009 - 10:31 PM

    Well girls, I didn't workout yesterday or today. I like to workout outside and its rained both days. Question for you guys: What do you do to stay consistent? I find that I'll be all gung-ho for a week or so and workout every day, but then I fall of the wagon and months can go by without me doing anything. I'd love to find a way to make exercise a part of my life just like brushing my teeth everyday. Anyone have an tips? Once I miss one day its so easy to make up an excuse not to exercise the next day and then next...

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    #142 ~*Kathy*~

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      Posted 28 September 2009 - 11:15 PM

      Kelly - I hear ya, it is a slippery slope for being consistent with the gym! I'm like that too, if I miss too many workouts in a row...I just completely fall off the wagon for months at a time. I hate to say this but the only thing I've noticed that helps keep me accountable is having a personal trainer, but it's worth it if you can get one. :)

      #143 SSNM

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        Posted 29 September 2009 - 01:44 AM

        My suggestion: do a fitness show. You can do it at any age. I have never worked out so hard EVER. I had a hard time staying motivated but as soon as I committed to doing a figure competition, it became do or die; I either work out consistently, or I look like sh*t on the stage. Best part, even if you don't win, you will be in AMAZING shape and people WILL notice.

        Bottom line, you got to set your standards HIGH. If you aim for basics, you will probably achieve less than basic. If you aim for perfection, you will probably hit excellence.

        Truth be told, I don't particularly enjoy going to the gym; but I do it. I just came back from a midnight workout -- that is the type of attitude you have to have and you got to be okay with it. Anything less simply won't cut it.

        #144 Ginalyn

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          Posted 29 September 2009 - 09:27 AM

          Kathy and SSNM that's great advice! I think it's good to have a goal other than just "I want to lose X pounds". Last year I forced myself to sign up for a 10 mile race. I am definitely not a gung-ho runner but I needed something that would make me get into a regular exercise routine. I started training and soon enough I was on a regular running schedule.

          DON'T FORGET LADIES! Tomorrow is weigh in for the end of Week 1!! Send me those pics!

          #145 SgtPepperette

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            Posted 29 September 2009 - 09:36 AM

            I am struggling. Like usual. I dont know what I need to get me motivated and consistent. My wedding didnt even do that. I leave in less than 30 days..you think that would work. It doesnt.

            In the last week I worked out one time, and I barely got throught that. My eating isnt so great either.

            ugh. One day at a time I suppose, although each day it feels like Im starting over.

            #146 KLC77

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              Posted 29 September 2009 - 11:42 AM

              Originally Posted by SgtPepperette

              ugh. One day at a time I suppose, although each day it feels like Im starting over.
              Melissa~ look at this as a positive thing, every day is a new beginning! So, don't beat yourself up about yesterday. Just focus on today. And, if you're wedding is 30 days away, that's still plenty of time to see some sort of results! Have a great day.

              Kathy, Ginalyn and SSNM~ thanks for the advice. I think I will look for a goal other than weight loss. I don't know if I could ever commit to a fitness show, but a run of some sort could work. I hate running, but have been forcing myself to jog a little recently. I'll have to check into something in my area so I have a goal.

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              #147 cougs


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                Posted 29 September 2009 - 12:36 PM

                hi ladies ... i have to admit with what's going on in my personal life right now i haven't even started to diet. in fact, i've been eating worse (with some sort of fast food for almost every meal ... gross) because i've been driving back and forth to the hospital 2 hrs away to see my dad. he is having brain surgery right now as i type this. hopefully everything goes well today and the news is good ... otherwise i'm not sure i'll be able to focus on me anytime soon.

                hope everyone else is doing better than i am. if my dad comes thru ok today i'm going to heave a huge sigh of relief and just pretend the contest starts tomorrow instead of a week ago.

                every day is a gift and a new chance to start again.

                #148 YaelM


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                  Posted 29 September 2009 - 12:57 PM

                  Hi Ladies

                  Im not in the competition but i wanted to post to wish everyone luck! I hope u dont mind me lurking as this thread helps motivate me

                  Kelly - what you described is me to a T. I get really consistent for about 2 or 3 weeks and then something comes up like im sick or whatever i stop for like 3 months - and im back to sq one. I think like you I need a none weight goal :)

                  #149 SgtPepperette

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                    Posted 29 September 2009 - 01:40 PM

                    Thank you Kelly. Your right. Ill take it not just one day at a time, but one meal at at time.

                    Lisa, thinking of you!!!

                    #150 Cassie

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                      Posted 29 September 2009 - 02:10 PM

                      Lisa - I hope your dad's surgery goes well!
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