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February 2010 brides

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#2711 FutureMsMoulton

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    Posted 14 July 2010 - 04:04 PM

    Chris- Thanks for the words of encouragment. I have been feeling so fat lately that I had to go and find photos of other peoples bumps to make sure that I am on track (turns out I'm actually kind of small and need to stop whining! lol)

    .... so I started a blog... I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing, but its a honest thing about being pregnant. Maybe you guys will have to tell me what you think and if its to honest! The Real Story of Pregnancy

    #2712 Krista_H

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      Posted 14 July 2010 - 06:23 PM

      Fat schmat girl. You look great!!

      Is everyone on holidays? I am pathetic and have no holidays this summer. We took two weeks for our wedding so my hubby only has one left. We plan on going in the fall to visit my aunt and uncle in Nova Scotia and want to wait so it's not so long between holidays (then Christmas will come quickly after that). I need to live through others...like Ali and her Hawaii pics!!

      Hope everyone is well!!

      #2713 SusieQ

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        Posted 14 July 2010 - 06:42 PM

        Hi ladies
        I am stil here, Hubby and I took off for a few days up north and just got back last night. Had fun went to the casino and won a few dollars.
        I haven't been on much having a ton of work and issues with my son right now.... I have told him to clean up or move out... tough few weeks at my house.

        Take care ladies... not feeling to chatting just wanted to say hi

        #2714 FutureMsMoulton

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          Posted 15 July 2010 - 12:45 AM

          Krista - summer is always the best holidays! I've never been to nova scotia though and that sounds cool.

          Susie- sending u big hugs- that's got to be tough to make that decision with ur son; good luck.

          #2715 svetayasofiya

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            Posted 15 July 2010 - 11:21 AM

            Hey everyone! Damn I have been procrastinating so bad at work and now I have Brooke's blog to read. *I am going to get fired, LMAO

            Susie- sorry your son is causing you trouble. My aunt is going through some stuff right now. Nothing bad, but just the trials and tribulations of having a 17 yr. old. AND it all has to do with MY wedding in a round about way. I don't know if I told you guys this but my 17 yr old cousin and Eric's 17 yr old cousin kind of fell in love that week in Mexico. Problem is she is in Mtl and he is in Edmonton..... they skype for hours a day. He came at the end of May to be her prom date! But my aunt is having a hard time letting go and not being the centre of his attention. Plus he's also probably being a total lazy ass 17 yr old.............
            Just remember how much you love him and how cute he was when he was a baby!

            Krista- come to Mtl for a weekend! don't have a pool but it could be a mini vacation

            When does our girl get back?

            On a totally different note, today is Eric and my 1st date anniversary! *6 years.

            #2716 teshy1

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              Posted 15 July 2010 - 01:03 PM

              I guess we're all just busy living life, right?
              I finally got a referral to an obstetrician and have my first appointment with her on July 26, the day before my 19-week ultrasound. Right now, hubby and I are trying to figure out when to sign up for childbirth classes. He gets really busy as the fall goes on, so we're actually looking at doing the classes sooner rather than later.

              Chris -- cute that you remember your 1st date anniversary! I have trouble remembering what day my guy and I met, but I do remember the date of when we "officially" starting dating...

              Brooke -- sounds like things are going well with your pregnancy. Congrats on (almost) reaching the halfway point!

              #2717 Krista_H

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                Posted 15 July 2010 - 01:05 PM

                Awwww how cute are you with your 1st date anniversary!! I might just think about a Montreal vacation. I used to take VIA Rail to work everyday so I have quite a few points racked up and we were thinking of using them.

                Ya when does that Krista girl get back? I can't wait to see her pictures.

                Susie - sorry to hear about your son I hope it all works out for you guys. The last thing you need is another troubled child. Speaking of - how is the spawn of satan?

                Brooke - your blog is very cute and I will definately be reading/following it!!

                #2718 breens

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                  Posted 15 July 2010 - 04:44 PM

                  I am here too, just been super busy and not much time to type posts or anything. We did just get back from a trip to California, Thur-Tue and had two baby showers and visited with all my family. Lots of tears on the trip back, just not always ready to come back to NYC and miss my family and friends so much!

                  Susie, sorry to hear of the issues, hope things work out soon.

                  Chris-Congrats on the anniversary!

                  Brooke-blog is cute, I don't think I would have the time right now, I admire you and your energy!!! Plus if it is any reference, our baby bumps look similar and I will be 21 weeks this Saturday...it started to REALLY grow two weeks ago. I just felt her kick or do whatever acrobatics she does in there above my belly button, today was the first time to feel it so high and now I am anxious of exactly how big she is going to get in there!!! We go for another ultrasound next Monday.

                  I do have a fotki photo account that I am trying to get updated as that is where I am putting up baby pics, ultrasounds and such, I am just getting a little nervous about using FB so much with my child's photos and all, I have heard strange stories lately and it makes me a bit nervous...if you want to see that site, PM me and I will give you the info.

                  Yes, I am waiting to hear back from Krista and see more wedding photos, so excited for her!!!

                  Sorry if I forgot anyone, it is hard sometimes to catch up on here :)

                  Hope everyone is doing well! It is almost the weekend again, yahooo!

                  #2719 FutureMsMoulton

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                    Posted 15 July 2010 - 07:57 PM

                    Yea!!! Everyone is back again!!! I love it!
                    Breens- How exciting that you felt her kick so high. I feel like mine is a trackstar running around on some days (mainly when I am starting to get hungry). I definatly want to see photos!!

                    Teshy- We have our ultrasound on the 23rd. I can't remember if you are going to find out what you are having or not!

                    Chris- You are SOOOO adorable for remembering your anniversary-- Are you guys going back to where you had your first date? Justin had to remind me that we went bowling, so the date is totally out of the question- so much for me being romantic! lol

                    Ali- Are you still traveling a ton for work or are you finally getting a break here and there??

                    I have to agree I am dying to hear from Krista again. So my Sept filled up really quick with weekends being taken the first 3 weeks are already gone for 2 football games and a wedding. When did we want to do the NYC meet up again?? Early oct?

                    #2720 SusieQ

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                      Posted 16 July 2010 - 07:38 AM

                      Hi Ladies
                      Things are getting better here, he is speaking to me again. Hasn't cleaned up the basement yet!!!!! He just takes things for granted and pushes the limit... While we were away he was to stay at his dad's house for the couple of days. He didn't was here partying with his friends. We came home to a beer bottle in the pool, lucky it wasn"t broken because that would have been a very costly mistake. My house was a mess and he just said I thought you were coming home a day later. How about you respecting our home and not having a party!!!!

                      LOL not sure who said it, The Spawn of satan... She is at her mothers for a few weeks and is calling every day to come home. Her mother has been stable for well over a year so we insisted she go spend time with her. I know it is just a matter of days before her dad caves in and goes and gets her. I am working hard to keep her there and have her learn a valuabl leason. Life is pretty good living with us!!!!

                      On another note I have two gfriends that are fighting and has bought me into the middle of it. Something got said last friday night and one is pissed at the other and the other can not remember saying what she has been acused of. I freaked out at one gfriend yesterday... ladies I have too much on my plate to deal with high school drama.

                      thats the Sue update.... glad it's friday!!!!

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