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  1. Alison - I'm really sorry to hear that. Although you wish you'd known sooner, you know now and can get on it right away. That is quite pricey, but I'd say worth it. Tricia is right - there are a lot of success stories and I wish you all the best. Hang in there girlie!! xoxo
  2. Happy Labour Day everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing well - where did the summer go??
  3. Good job Susie - everything happens for a reason. Let us know how it goes. Nothing too exciting going on here. A couple friends and I are planning a baby sprinkle for another friend of ours (for her second baby). I did the invitations and favours on the weekend. I'm going to upload one of the favours (it's a candy bar wrapper). There are other zoo animals as well with matching backgrounds, but same idea. Not sure if this pic is going to work - it's been awhile ha ha ha Okay I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...help!!!!! I posted the IMG code from photobucket. Has something changed?
  4. Ugg I hate this new format too. How do I find my threads I've subscribed to? Yucky!! I'm in for NY and having a roommate as long as I can. I'm on a no-fly list from my doc, but I'm hoping to be able to soon. Sorry I can't give a definate answer, but I would really like to.
  5. Krista your pictures look fantastic and you look gorgeous!!!
  6. Happy Monday Everyone!! Susie - things do not sound fun around there? I hate being in the middle of things, but I usually am. Sorry to hear about all of that. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Oh and Chris - FB keeps trying to get me to like Justin Timberlake because you like him ha ha ha I keep pressing that x, but it keeps popping up!! So let's get everyone back involved with this forum (for those who have time, which I do). I'm not sure if this has been done, if it has I'm sorry but I can't remember. Where did you meet your hubby? My story is kinda different. My parents and his parents are really good friends, but we didn't meet until 7 or so years ago. We kept coming across each other and I thought he was very good looking, but we were never in the right place. My mom told me that he was working at the same place as me so I dropped him a line to say hi. I get an email back saying...I'm really sorry to say this but I don't remember who you are ha ha ha ha ha I have never laughed so hard. Finally after several emails he figured it out. We would meet for lunch, but again - things weren't right because he had a gf. He found out not long after that she cheated on him, but he said he wasn't too upset about it because he wasn't really that into her. And that's how it all started. Funny thing is I keep telling him that I've known his parents longer than him (I'm 3 years older) ha ha ha
  7. Hi Char, July 1st is Canada Day, but it's not really a holiday that people would go away for (especially since it's just as hot here). The only thing I could think of would be that it's summer and kids aren't in school.
  8. Awwww how cute are you with your 1st date anniversary!! I might just think about a Montreal vacation. I used to take VIA Rail to work everyday so I have quite a few points racked up and we were thinking of using them. Ya when does that Krista girl get back? I can't wait to see her pictures. Susie - sorry to hear about your son I hope it all works out for you guys. The last thing you need is another troubled child. Speaking of - how is the spawn of satan? Brooke - your blog is very cute and I will definately be reading/following it!!
  9. Fat schmat girl. You look great!! Is everyone on holidays? I am pathetic and have no holidays this summer. We took two weeks for our wedding so my hubby only has one left. We plan on going in the fall to visit my aunt and uncle in Nova Scotia and want to wait so it's not so long between holidays (then Christmas will come quickly after that). I need to live through others...like Ali and her Hawaii pics!! Hope everyone is well!!
  10. Nope we sure weren't...just a lot of rain and then it stopped about 10:30am.
  11. Susie - is he going to have the "clay pot" ready for this Sunday? ha ha ha ha too funny.
  12. I remember when my day seemed so far away. Have a great time Krista!!! I would love to go away, I'm thinking with weather that feels as hot as 41C (105.8F) we don't need to go away!! Although having someone bring me drinks would be nice!!
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