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Comparing details:


Age: 28

Children: none yet

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite food: Pizza, sushi, cake, ice cream (ok...I've never ate anything I don't like)

Favorite drink: water, wine

Car: Acura RDX

Pets: Macy-Mae (2yr old Yorkie.....cutest dog ever....even my macho FI thinks so!)

Career: Nurse/teacher

Status: engaged

Music: country, rock

Favorite shows: Rich Bride Poor Bride, Bachelor, Ellen DeGeneres

Siblings: 1 older sister (thanks to her....1 niece and 1 nephew!!!)


REGISTERY:We aren't doing a registery because we don't want anyone to bring gifts. Obviously we can't control this, but I don't know what to dohuh.gif


STAGETTE: I want nothing to do with blow up dolls, suckers on my shirt, or phallic straws. I have suggested a "panty party" where all my gfriends get together for wine and bring a pair of panties for the bride.

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Yes, the bold admission was a bit much for my taste. I don't agree with requesting items that you don't want or need at all!!


For the party, my bridal party will putting together something at my bridesmaid's social room


I have about 30 girlfriends that will get together for a professional pole dancing lesson. Food and drinks, then a passion party where someone will come in and demonstrate the latest in adult toys.. the theme "how to keep your man" I am on the fence about the whole thing. I would enjoy the pole dancing class, just for fun, but the adult toys...um.. I don't know.

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Vday Bride,

No worries about the Passion Party. I went to one last week and had a great time. It was very tasteful and I found that they had some great products. i think it would be a really fun way to interact and have some laughs at a bridal party.

Just my thoughts!


By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in your dress!!

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Morning Ladies

I was cheating you gals last nite.... I was out on a cougar nite with my gfriend... We went to see American Idol winner david Cook. He won two years ago... I really love that guy... bad boy cute... We had a blast and gambled alittle, concert was at the casino.


We are planning a Jack and Jill, Stage and Doe... whatever the lingo for the pre wedding drunk feast. lol we are doing it in Mexico a couple nites before the wedding. Or plan is a poker nite and we have included 100 poker chips in each OOT bag, kids included. I think it will be pretty tame and just a hoot. I don't want the drunk binge, I am just too old for the hangover....

Registery issue!!!! I am not doing that I have had my own home for over 20 years and we just combined two homes and got rid of the seconds of everything we had. I have told people NO GIFTS!!! please...

Have a great day!

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Vday- I've been to a couple of the Passion parties, they really are a great time. I am thinking of doing one as well for my bachlorette party before we leave for Mexico. They

are fun, you aren't required to buy anything if you are uncomfortable with it, but the whole atmosphere is a great time!

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TeNeil, thanks for the compliment. I agree that the party should be fun. I just don't know if I want my gfriends all in my business that I know my way around adult toys..lol Just joking. I have no reservations,, I am ready to have some fun. We are also planning to have all the guests go on a club crawl on one of the nights before the wedding. Definitely NOT THE night before, I need my beauty rest goodness knows I am NOT getting any these days!


SusieQ, you didn't hurt anyone swinging that bra did you? Happy you had a good time. How many numbers did you get? I know you were looking super cute.


Ladies, have a Terrific Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oK, done reading all your posts!!! I am soooooo going to get fired, LOL


Here goes:


Age: 35

Children: hoping to get preggers in the spring

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Japanese or Pizza

Favorite drink: Vodka, beer, wine

Car: Pontiac G5 (hate it!!)

Pets: None right now but we have been debating on getting a dog for 3 yrs now!

Career: Investment Services Assistant

Status: Engaged (obviously!)

Music: U2

Favorite shows: 30 Rock, The Office (loving Gossip Girl!)

Siblings: 1 older brother


REGISTERY: We aren't doing a registery... but I won't stop people from donating cash! lol


STAGETTE / SHOWER: My best friends and bridesmaids from Toronto surprised me last weekend by showing up on my doorstep at 10pm on Friday the 06th! They had the whole weekend planned... it was one surprise after the other. (Alot of tears). Anyways... they took me to breakfast where there were other friends waiting... then a day at the spa (Nordic baths) and booked me a massage!!! Then that evening there was a dinner and more surprise friends!! It was a lot of fun. We went back to my house after, where I proceeded to get ridiculously drunk and we all played DDR. lol My friends are kind of snobby/uptight (the ones from TO) and didn't appreciate my drunkness but WHATEVER. It was *MY* party. :) There was no phalic water bottles, nor selling kisses on the street of a dollar. I can't tolerate that kind of stuff.


Vday bride- LOVE your dress!!! you are gorgeous!

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Originally Posted by svetayasofiya View Post
Holy crap guys I have 8 pages to catch up on!

Just wanted to let you know... my FI GOT HIS PASSPORT!!!!! cheesy.gif
well done a big thing to cross off your list.i will talk to you again now lol.sounds like you had lots of fun the other weekend.

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i was thinking about the pole dancing lesson.i think it would be lots of fun for a group of you to go.you reminded me i might have look into local places that do it.


susieq,hope you had a good time with your dave bloke (even though i dont know who you are talking about).hope you kept the bra on.i havent seen anything on the news.


wont speak to you tomorrow im going to see kasabian but im driving the four of us.

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