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Honey740's Moon Palace 2009 Review

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**this is long and will take several posts**

Thanks for all the great suggestions from all the MP brides, I only got on this forum about a month before my wedding but the info was invaluable.


The Details

Wedding Date: July 18th, 2009 at 5:00pm

Wedding Coordinator: Lily

Wedding Package: Deluxe

Gazebo - Bumbagilias

Cocktail Hour: 5:30-6:30, Bumbagilias Terrace

Reception:7-11pm in the Aqua Ballroom in Nizuc


Click the image to open in full size.


Bride and Groom stay: July 13th - 21st

Guests stay: July 15th - July 22th - people stayed between 3 to 7 nights, one couple staying 2 nights (they were still counted in our total)


Everyone stayed in the Grand section. We had a total of 33 people, including the bride and groom. All Adults. We had a total of 78 room nights booked so we qualified for the unlimited free events, which we took advantage of.


Wedding Events


Thursday, July 16th - Most Guests Arrive

Since everyone was staying in the grand section, they have a makeshift check in area. We asked for a room close to that area so we could be comfortable in our room and guests could come knock on our door when they arrived. We stayed in room 105 and it worked out great. We were able to pass out 90% of our welcome bags.


Thursday night we hosted a cocktail party with appetizers and desserts and they had a full open bar there with many servers and bartenders, we never had an empty glass. Some guests said that the apps weren't great, they were the most disappointed in the food that night. Lily was awesome though. She met us before every event (they were @ 7pm) to make sure they were running smoothly.

Click the image to open in full size.

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Friday night we had the "rehearsal dinner" even though there was no rehearsal haha. We ordered the Caribbean Buffet and it was amazing! Everyone raved about the food. Again, bartenders were awesome. Even the pool bar bartender we had made friends with Jesus, came but to make some special drinks for us!

Click the image to open in full size.


Friday was also the day we scheduled our spa treatments that were included. The spa was great, I highly recommend it!


Saturday Morning we had breakfast with a few people and then my husband took the ride to the moon golf side to see me off and to have lunch with the guys. I had my mani/pedi/makeup and hair done. I went to MAC and bought like $300 worth of makeup and had them do all the makeup on the picture of the face so I could bring it down to Cancun with me. I am glad I did because although he did a great job and I am sure he is capable, he spoke very little english and I would not have been able to convey what I wanted. Same thing with my hair, he did a GORGEOUS job, but I had a picture with me. My sister wasn't so lucky. She didn't have a picture and they started to tease her hair and put it up when she stopped them and had to practically do her own hair. I was very happy with my makeup and hair.

Click the image to open in full size.

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Wedding time!

I went back to my room with literally 20 minutes to spare. I hate that you have to wait for a cart to take you from the golf place and then they take you to the nizuc lobby, but then if you catch the bus there, you go all the way back to palapas. so we decided to take our chances hoping to find a cart outside of nizuc. Thank god we did because it was so hot, i was melting! Literally. and THANK GOD for the mist and fix, it saved my life.


I was picked up with my dad at my room, I was given my bouquet which I was completely happy with. We got on the carriage and drove off towards the gazebo. Lily went ahead on her golf cart. I think this was the hottest day we had the entire time we were there. I was thankful for the little breeze I got from the carriage!


We arrived and I walked down the aisle. The minister we had was the cutest thing ever, loved him!! We said our I do's and then we had a champagne toast and then walked down the aisle.


I was so glad I paid the $70 and got the rose petals. We got the most beautiful pictures!


We went to the beach with David Pena and got some shots on the pier and the beach. I loved my pictures and thought they were a great value. I got an album with many shots, 8X10's 6's and a disc with 755 pictures. Many of my friends have paid 5k to get that and sometimes they don't even get the originals, people have to order prints.


The cocktail hour ended up to be a bust. By the time we came back from getting our pics taken, people were sooo hot that they just wanted to get into the AC (thank god I decided to have the reception inside!!). We started walking towards nizuc and asked Lily to see if the reception room would be ready early. We got in @ 6:30.


The reception was great. The fillet Mignon was the best meal I had all week. Again, the waiters knew what you were drinking and had backups for you as soon as you finished your last drink, they were amazing!


My only complaint was the DJ, yes here we go again. When I started hearing songs not on my playlist I freaked out - knowing what I had read here. My husband had to ask 3 times before he finally got it and for the rest of the night it was all our playlist.


The cake was really good, we did chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and strawberries. It looked great too, exactly like the picture I gave them.


Click the image to open in full size.

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wow your pictures are so beautiful! I love your cake and the rose petals definitely added to the pictures. Was it very hot even at 7 at night? I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

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Overall experience: A

The rooms were amazing, the food was good. The waitstaff and the staff around the resort were amazing.


Spa: A

I had a great spa experience. Unlike Nibsmom, there were only 2 other people in the hydrotherapy area, so I kind of got run of the place.


Wedding Coordinator: A+++++

Lily was amazing. I am tough to please, there is no arguing that. She never once said no to me and always provided suggestions as to how to get close to what I wanted. She was great at communication as well. I am not sure how much they pay these people, but I am sure it's not enough.


Welcome Cocktail- B

Food was OK, service was excellent!


Friday night dinner, Caribbean Buffet- A- food was great, service was awesome


(locations for both events was great as well)


Wedding: A

It was beautiful, and the MP really was really accommodating. I felt like I got more than I paid for, which is saying a lot!


Cocktail Reception: C

Not really their fault I guess, it was just way too hot, all that wasted food and champagne :-(


Reception: A+

The food was great, service awesome, everyone had a great time



Wish he just followed the playlist....


Salon: A+

I had my services @ The golf salon, they did an amazing job!!!


Videography: A

I just watched the video last night, it was nice to have and we'll watch it a few times I am sure.


Photography: A++

David Pena was great, we have pictures that will become treasured for the rest of our lives


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information on the moon palace!!

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