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Everyone is asking & I have NO CLUE?! HELP

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I've got 20-25 people going to my wedding in Ochos Rios next july... issue is that I've got people coming from like 5 difference cities across the USA and everyone wants to stay a different date range. I just want it to be cheap for everyone so do I book group travel? is that even possible? Or do I call the airline and see if I can book separately but get a discount? Is it a bad idea to not book directly w the hotel ( If I used a group package on orbitz or somewehre)? Is a TA the best approach? I have no CLUE what to do and everyone is asking b.c everyone is so excited they want to book now. HELP

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We sort of had the same situation.. we oppted for a TA. We put all her info in our wedding invites.. thats where our planning stops though. Group rates will be very hard for you to come by if everyone wants to leave at diff dates. We were told we would save money if we just let them pick their dates.. I think this is because if you have someone back out you could lose your group late last min.. or something like that.

Our approach was this: we gave our dates when we were leaving and all our TA's info. our guests have the option of booking with her.. (some have already before the invites are even out; we havent sent them yet) or since they will have all the info they will need, they themselves have the option of looking for a better deal on line. It just makes life a lot easier for them to know the info that they need to know and let them go from there. Dont let their travels stress you out by worring about group rates. good luck to you. :) *sorry if thats confusing in anyway, im very tired! lol

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If you opt to do it on your own, here is all of the info for Air Jamaica Group Rates





Congratulations on your upcoming wedding on the beautiful island of Jamaica and thank you for selecting Air Jamaicaâ€s Lovebird Service.




Here is an overview of our easy group procedures.




We offer two options for group travel with Air Jamaica.


1 – A Blocked Seat agreement.




- Seats would be blocked on the flight and the fare is guaranteed (group has to travel together).


- A deposit of $50.00 per passenger is required 14 days after the contract is signed.


- The last day to cancel the contract is 90 days before travel.


- All names and ticketing must be done 45 days before travel.


- All fares are non-refundable/USD150.00 Change Fee/Valid JM Only


- The group must maintain a minimum of 10 seats.


- The group can be increased if the space is available but we cannot guarantee the fare.


- Only one payment will be accepted for the entire group


- A ticketing fee of up to $20.00 is charged for each passenger.




It is advisable that you book as early as possible to ensure that you reserve your preferred dates and the best fares.




2 – A Discount agreement (usually the preferred booking for wedding groups).




- A percentage discount is granted off the lowest normal fare but seats will not be blocked and the fare will be based on availability.


- A deal code would be assigned to the group.


- Each passenger can call our reservation department to do their own payment.


- Passengers would provide the deal code and the groupâ€s name to our reservationâ€s department at the time of booking to receive the discount.


- Special fares can be used if available at the time of booking (no further discount will be offered)


- A ticketing fee of up to $20.00 will be added to each ticket.




As a bonus for arranging your group travel with us, Air Jamaica offers a Bride & Groom Upgrade!




This is a complimentary Lovebird Executive class upgrade for the blushing bride and her groom once the group reaches twenty-two (22) ticketed passengers (Including the Bride and Groom). Simply provide the reference locators for the twenty-two (22) ticketed passengers for verification purposes.

[Conditions apply. Please contact us for further details on this exciting promotion]




Below you will find a list of the information we will require;




The name of the Group


Telephone numbers


Email address


Dates of travel (applicable if you are using block space booking)


Name of airports passengers will depart from in the USA.




We look forward to hearing from you and to begin this exciting process.














Kerry-Ann Smith (Odette)


Air Jamaica Groups


9 Queens Drive


Montego Bay


Jamaica, W.I.


Telephone - Jamaica: 1 888 359 2475(FLYAIRJ)


Fax: 1 876 940 9193


Caribbean, US &Canada:1 800 523 5585


Fax: 1 800 853 7064




Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM EST



Hope this helps!!

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Hey Jen, I was going to suggest you use a TA. It is so much less stress! And I was going to mention you should click the banner at the top of the forum, but it looks like you have already been in touch with TA Maureen.


I would think that having guests who all need different arrangements will make it difficult and time consuming for you to be the one coordinating it. A TA would be a great asset.


Where in CT are you from? Just curious. Good luck with your planning! :)

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As others have mentioned, I would also suggest using a TA to coordinate all of this! We also have guests arriving on different dates/times, but we are still doing a group booking. I don't think that I could handle the stress of trying to do it on my own - I have very little patience, lol. But that's why TA's are so amazing :) :) :)

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