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My Boarding Pass Invites!!! templates included

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Originally Posted by OchieBride View Post
Thanks for the instructions, I'm about to print mine and I was a bit confused. Is it hard to get those little corners? How many did u do and how long did that take you?

The corners weren't hard because I used the corner punch. I made about 60 invites. We did 30 one weekend, and 30 the next (FI's mom was late with her guest list). It did take a couple of hours. FI was on the paper cutter, and I perforated, cut, and glued the ticket jackets.

Good Luck with your invites, be sure to post pics wink.gif

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Your boarding passes look fantastic! I really like your pictures that you used, especially the (cover?) of your jacket, with that vibrant picture of Negril! By the way I'm super jealous you are getting married there, hopefully I will make it there someday! :)

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