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  1. Thank you sasse75 for your quick reply. So then I guess they let you take your own iPod and docking station right? can you please also send me the photographer package, im intrested to see what they offer. Thanks again and have a lovely day.
  2. I just heard that the DJ is not included in the $85pp (private beach reception) for four hours its $650 I think that is too much, has anyone heard of this? sounds like you cant even bring your own iPod because they don't lend systems. Any suggestions on what we should do?
  3. Luli


    Hi Mariana - welcome not loong to go then for your big day how is your planning coming along? you will find this forum is amazing, very helpful and you will find pretty much everything you need and get great advice if your stuck on anything... everyone is lovely. My name is Lourdes and my FI and I are planning our wedding for April of 2011. Congratulations and happy planning!!
  4. I have a few questions for all the brides/couples that had the private beach reception: how was the setup for it? did you go with what was included in the per person price..or did you bring your own centrepieces etc? I would love to know how it was and the experience you had.... also, Patricia told me its only for 4 hours, did time fly how did you fit everything in to the 4 hours, eg: dancing eating speeches etc... Im so confused and think that 4hours isnt enough. Looking forward to your answers and advice.
  5. Thank you ladies for the tips, the fans look great. I had no clue were to start... how would i add a starfish charm to it? I've seen a few pics with it on and love it.
  6. Thanks ladies for posting all these mmmm yummy looking cakes. I have a lot to think about they are all soo beautiful good thing is I have loots of time still, however I do already have my cake topper which is a start LOL.
  7. YAY - i got my dress on sunday... the sale was pretty bad but found it in some little store that selll soo many dresses... the least expected lol (theres alwaya a hidden gem) so i loved how it looked and bought it! I also received by cake topper I love it soo adorable. We called the resort we want to go too (Grand Sunset Princess) and its $200 to reserve the date. I found the bridesmaids dresses aswell but that I will wait closer to september/october. Have you ladies picked out your colours/themes? WOW how exciting. Have a lovely day and an awesome weekend.
  8. Great links ladies - thank you for sharing. I will definately look into them. (Still deciding on the colours)
  9. Hi, I know you sold the starfish charms... I would love too know tips on how you decorated your raffia fans they look great... i bought my fans already and now need to start decorating them but have no clue on how. Hope you can help Thank you so much
  10. WOW this dress is gorgeous I love it.... is the material ok for the beach? it wont be too hot for it will it? How much will it costs for shipping to Canada? Sorry I have no idea how to PM. if you can PM me that will be awesome. Love this dress and I'm pretty sure it will be a great fit. Let me know
  11. Congrats to all you 2011 brides:) Im a 2011 bride aswell, and I can't wait for the big day! (I think im going nuts because I don't remember if I posted this before) LOL. Just getting together the STD's, im having them perforated with an rsvp side, that way whom ever replies that they are attending will receive a formal invite (save some money on this part). Has anyone purchased their dress already? Im going to a blow out sale to try my luck. Well ladies have a good night, and happy planning!!
  12. Hi Terri.... your photos are amazing and you both look gorgeous. WOW what a beautiful dress, you can tell you all had a fantastic time. I'm definately going to have a look at his website. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.
  13. Hi everyone thank you so much for your advice, it helped alot so it has all been fixed. YAY. I just keep telling my FI i felt terrible about it all and he is all good with that. ahhhh MEN!! lol. Love this forum. xoxo
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