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  1. How beautiful! From the two of you, well the three of you !! To all of the colors & details! Congrats!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Princess J Hi girls, I missed meet up #1 as my BM could only meet up that night to shop for dresses... still looking *sigh* any great ideas for pink/coral?? I am in for meeting #2 end of the summer sounds great! I am assuming you are looking for a pink/coral dress for your BMs?! If so...have you checked out bari jay? Bridesmaid Dresses, Prom Dresses & Formal Gowns: Bari Jay and Shimmer I think they have some really cute dress styles. My BMs picked theirs from this collection. Good Luck!
  3. Oh how I hate I missed this thread! I live in Langley and would totally be up for a round #2 meetup! Count me in! Hope you all have a great week! Pineapplebride- We were just married at Dreams Tulum May 30, so if you have any questions, let me know, or we can meet up and chit chat! Also, is that a chocolate or black lab in your pic(great pic btw-so cute)? We have a choc & yellow!
  4. Okay ladies!! I am in need of some serious socializing with the girls!!! We are officially moved in, minus the furniture that should be here next week. We are in Bedford Landings in Langley, so not far from Vancouver! I have no job, yet, so I am bored outta my gourd! My outtings have consisted of Gold's Gym, the vet's office, and dinner & movie at the IMAX with my husband! Yay! I have a husband! And so do most of you by now!! :-D So needless to say, I need some decompressing with the female kind! LOL!! Ping me if anyone wants to get together!! Hope everyone is having a great week!! TTYS! Danielle dk@sc.rr.com 604.513.9898
  5. WOW! So much has been going on since we left for Mexico & relocated to Langley, BC! Congrats to all of you ladies!!! We are married! Whoop! We are stillgetting settled, but wanted to drop a quick note! I can't wait to look at all of the pics!! Ours will be up soon enough! Sita&Nate - La Zebra is beautiful! We actually had dinner there with our friends/witnesses! Good luck ladies! I will be in touch, soon enough, after we get things together! Have a great week! Much love to you all!!
  6. Thanks ladies! I just sent Dolcet an email! I hope they tell me something good!
  7. Great info ladies. Thanks! I am trying to fihure a way to get my fiance a grooms cake for our rehearsal dinner. As a surprise! Turtle Bay seems like a great fit! Now to figure out the flavors!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by LeNell My Big day is almost here..Im getting married May 29,2010 @ dreams Tulum...Im so excited YAY!!! I still have alot to do.. my final wedding dress fitting is this weekend. I hope everything works out!!!!! Yay!!! So exciting and crazy stressful!! We are right behind you on Sunday the 30th!! I am making my checklists for the final "little" things and then off to pack for our move to Canada just 3 days after our BIG day!! So girl...I feel ya with the still have alot to do!! Good Luck with the fitting! I am sure it will be wonderful!
  9. These are super cute! Where did you find the cute design for them? Is it Clipart? If so, what is it called? I was thinking of using this pic or another similar but I want to manipulate the color! Thanks much! btw- We are only 1 day off of having the same wedding day! Congrats!! Only 18 days for you! Whoop whoop!!
  10. Sita&Nate- Congrats to you Mrs.!!!!! Yay! I am sure you are probably on your honeymoon...can't wait to see pics!! mlabbe- You are getting close! 5 days!! You are probably already on a plane heading to your BIG day! So exciting!! Well ladies... we officially have a home in Langley!! Yay! Bedford Landings! It's close to the gym, but that's about all I know. I have seen pics and DJ previewed it and we rented it! We are planning the 6 day drive June 3rd or 4th. So I will be getting furniture and getting settled. We are only bringing useful kitchen appliances and clothes. So if anyone can help me with where to go for inexpensive, but nice furniture, I would be grateful. Then we can have a house warming party and finally meet!! I hope everyone is having a great week! I look forward to all of this excitement ahead! TTYS!
  11. Really beautiful idea to add that special "touch of color" to the backdrop. Way to go!! DIY is so much fun and really satisfying if I do say so myself!! Makes me feel even more connected to the wedding as a whole and keeps me happy!! Yay for you!! Great job!!
  12. Congrats! Welcome to the forum! I have 20 days before the BIG day and 14 before we leave! I will be posting a review and pics galore...after we make the move to Canada and get settled. So, plenty of time for you to look over before your BIG day!! Good Luck and if you have any questions, we are all here to help, so go for it! Have a great week!!
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