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  1. Thank you! You are sweet...I was looking at him and he looked amazing!!
  2. I used Parkers Cleaners on Bloor St - they did an amazing job
  3. This is one of my favourite parts - I could totally try on dresses all day long!!! Enjoy!
  4. I know this is going to sound weird - but this was one of the highlights on my wedding....it was so hilarious with my MOH that it was memorable - I figured to just embrace it...we were dying laughing and are still laughing at it.....
  5. I bought a dress specifically for TTD - not sure what material it was but it was very flowly and lightweight....but still really hard to move in - I loved the pics though so definitely worth it
  6. Was hesitant to post this since it is my bum - but they are just too cute!!! My cousin's bought us these - we had a pool party 2 days after our wedding and this is what they bought us to wear - I think they got them online (not exactly sure where...sorry)
  7. Wear it! I wore a very heavy puffy dress b/c I just feel in love with it - don't get me wrong I was hot but I felt fab! It's your day - you look absolutely stunning!
  8. Believe it or not Old Navy has great bikini's
  9. I got my bridesmaid dresses from Aliexpress.com - it's a Bari Jay dress (retail's over $400) and I paid only $120!!! Woo Hoo!
  10. Absolutely gorg ladies!!!! I'll have to post a pic when I get a chance!!
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