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My DIY Hangover/Wedding-Survival Kits *Pics & Templetes*

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They look great - where did you find the first aid kits?
I got the first aid kits from Office Max for $1.34. They are the Johnson&Johnson first aid kits. Sign up for an Office Max account and you'll get discounts and free shipping offers.

I saw them at Target for $.97 the other day! It was a Target Greatland store. You can also get good deals off of ebay. I paid about $1 each per item.



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my goodness --- these are totally fab!  i LOVE these and will definitely considering doing something like this.  they all look great!  so creative, original, and unique.  did anyone make something like this and personalize the products with labels? i was thinking of getting chapstick and making labels for them. 

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I agree! I'm almost half way there! lol

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I just got a good laugh at the rest of the posts on here... everyone is trying so hard for the 150! I'm right with you, girls! The good news is that I feel like the 150 minimum is forcing me to read all of these posts, and my wedding will be better for my guests as a result.


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