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  1. hello, do you still have the wooden silver glitter XOXO and the thank you signs that say bride and groom on the opposite side? if so, i'd be interested in purchasing! my zip code is 18901. thanks, rachel
  2. Bridetwobe, Would you be able to post or email me the ceremony program? I asked for a sample as I have no idea what the line up is for the ceremony, but they said they don't have one. Not sure what to include in the program, so any help you can offer is appreciated! Thanks! All the best! XOXO
  3. Hi, ladies, I'm getting married at the Suites in July and asked the wedding coordinator if they had a sample wedding ceremony program. Since they don't have one available, and I'm unsure of what is included in the actual ceremony and what to include in the wedding program, I was wondering if anyone had information on what to include. Many thanks! XOXO
  4. How about an exacto knife? I used them for my save the dates and it was very helpful! Hope it works out for you!
  5. Hi, Ladies, Does anyone have a map of the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites resort? I've also been searching for a map of Jamaica that shows Rose Hall on it. Any help is appreciated! Happy planning to everyone!
  6. Love these! What a cute idea! I really like the clear envelope look for this and have been considering it myself!
  7. Hi, Amy, I am also getting married at the suites in Aug. 2012. What is your date?
  8. did you do these yet? any pics to post? they look really cute in the pics.
  9. lookijng awesome! some people on here including YOU are so creative with everything they are doing for weddings.
  10. gorgeous...from a distance the design reminds me of a stained glass window in a church. what are people using the pashminas for? the OOT bags? if anyone has info, please pass on. thanks so much!
  11. simply stunning and gorgeous! a job well done...i love the color coordination and the format of how you have it all laid out on each page. yay for you for doing such pretty things!
  12. beautiful! i love the brown color and the way you have everything formatted. they look so classy and pretty. sometimes less is definitely more! good job!
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