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  1. Yes, I am with you ladies...post nuptual depression....lol
  2. Congrats! We used Claudia too, she was fantastic...quite quick with responses, never more than a couple days. Our reception was at Coral Beach, in front of the Coral Grille, was a beautiful setting, the plam trees all lit up, sound of waves crashing. Loved it... For our ceremony we went with the saxaphone and they were really good. We just decided last minute when we had our meeting with Claudia. Originally we werent going to have any, but I am glad we did. When my father and I first arrived at the hall outside the gazebo, it took me a minute to realize it was for us the music was playing...it filled the halls! Highly recommend the sax...
  3. I don't know about the other provinces, but in Ontario, you have to wait for three months before changing you name "legally"...boo to that I say...I have begun using my new last name for everything else.
  4. I have been feeling kinda sad since our day was over...all that planning and anticipation, and now its done...part happy, part sad...
  5. I love the lanterns with flowers hanging from the chairs...beautiful!
  6. Holls213...I used the Barcelo salon for my hair and makeup. They did a fabulous job on my hair, I loved it. My makeup was a little heavy handed for my liking. I did ask her to lighten it and she did somewhat. I don't normally wear a lot of make up and so the dramatic eye make up looked nice, but was just too heavy for me...I was able to fix it in the room afterwards and I think it turned out nice. When I asked my 3 year old if she like my make up, she said "Mommy you look like a scary ghost!" Hard to not laugh or cry...here is a photo.
  7. we had our reception at Coral Beach...in front of the Coral Grill...I think that was the name, correct me if I am wrong ladies, we just told Claudia that was the place we wanted and it was fine as ours was the only wedding that day. There was no extra for the lights as the palm trees are already wrapped with lights...I think the $5 charge is for the locations that they have to decorate more...I highly reccommend the location in front of the Coral Grill as it was perfect!
  8. we were just married last Wednesday, and they allowed my daughter to throw real rose petals...they cleaned them up right away....even later on in the evening there was always someone close by to sweep them up...we found it kind of funny. I don't know about fake petals though
  9. You all look so beautiful ladies!!! Congratulations! We arrived home this morning after a LONG day of travelling and delays, but my bed feels soooo good today...I couldn't sleep too long and thought I would post a couple shots my photographer shared with me....I can hardly wait to see more...we had the most perfect day in every way!!! Avens, our dresses were very similar!!! When I can think straight, I will put together a review...
  10. Oh my gosh, JayKay...so sorry to hear that!!! I am happy you enjoyed the wedding day...too bad for the drama...I am hoping for a drama free trip, but with my mother there is always some sort of drama...lol
  11. Avens! Welcome back, and congratulations!!! Sorry to hear of your few bumps...Your wedding looked beautiful! We are on the final countdown now...
  12. My FI had 2 linen suits custom made, but unfortunately neither of them fit him...they are too small. So we went to Tommy Bahama and his attire is less formal, but at least fits him! The suits are nicely made just don't fit him, if anyone in the GTA is interested, we are willing to sell one or both suits. Message me for pics and measurements...tangerine129@rogers.com
  13. FI has white gold, he had wanted tungsten, but changed his mind at the last minute...I love the look of tungsten, but the whole not being able to cut it worried me.
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