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  1. You just made your decision and your wedding is next month????? Wow! That's confidence.. best of luck to you. Its a great choice!
  2. Thank you so much and good luck to you. It's going to be wonderful. The place is fantastic and they really know what they are doing. Don't sweat the small stuff... seriously!
  3. Hey Girls, for anyone interested in a silk bouquet - I spoke with the company that did mine and I loved it. They have offered a additional discount for anyone that mentions my name - DAWN . The prices were amazing and the customer service was excellent. I found them on ebay. ebloomingdesign I hope the link below works. They are so inexpensive but the bouquets look amazing. Here's a pic of mine. They will work with you directly to get you the bouquet you want. http://stores.ebay.com/eBloomingDesign?_rdc=1
  4. Let me back up.. we had the free sweet wedding package and it was included in that package. I would assume that it's included for all brides but I can't say for sure. I assume since ours was the free package that all others would have it included as well.
  5. My boquet was silk and I love it! It was ordered through ebay from a company called ebloomingdesign I believe. Very reasonable and worked with me to get exactly what I wanted. The bouquet over the gazebo was from Lomas and it was probably the only thing I didn't love. The daisy's were not really what I wanted and it was $70. Lomas is a rip off but I couldn't bring something that large down to mexico.
  6. You can eat as much as you want! Breakfast is served at a couple of places and if you want to eat 2 or 3 breakfasts you can. Bride and groom get complimentary wi-fi. There isn't a group wi-fi rate and I believe wi-fi was around $10 per day. You don't need reservations for any restaurant except for La Chique (sp) which we didnt go to. Otherwise, you don't. It's not easy to get a large group together at the restaurants. We had to split up at different tables which wasn't a big deal. room service is free but I do feel that the servers expect a tip..some will hang around waiting. These people work very hard and long hours, we felt they deserved a tip even if small each time we ate. That's just me. Also, if you tip your bartenders you will get way better service! Hope this helps.
  7. I don't remember the package name but it was 4 hours. Whatever that one is called. I think it's the only one for 4 hours. javier was the photographer. Very nice.
  8. I put them together from different places. I loved them. took me a long time to figure out what I wanted. They were a pain to transport but worth it in the end. Thanks. I'm going to be selling them if you're interested. I have enough to make 8 centerpieces. All you would need is to get the stones that go on the top which are really inexpensive. They got mixed in with the sand and I didn't separate them when taking them apart. at
  9. If anyone is interested in my sky deck set up with the fabric,rhinestone cuffs and chair sashes let me know. send me a PM. I'm going to sell them but it makes sense to sell on this thread since the fabric fits the sky deck gazebo. The chair sashes match the fabric and I think I have 59 of them. (one guest decided to take one and use as a scarf) I also have the beaded curtain that hangs behind. .
  10. I tipped the onsite coordinator $40.00 based on a recommendation from another bride on here. I overtipped almost everyone I think. We ended up having to get more cash. The tips really add up.
  11. Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the kind words about my pics. Very pleased with them. Ahh... back home and time to begin my new life! Any questions feel free to ask!
  12. Ladies, I'm sitting here on the patio of my room... It's my last day and I'm bummed to be leaving. I was married on Friday and it was amazing! I will concur with so many other past brides that said.... Don't sweat the details! They have it down! This place is amazing and all of my 57 guests had the time of their lives! I brought down A Lot of stuff and my set up fee was a bit more than I expected. $250 for everything. I was planning on $150 like I heard so many times on this forum... guess I overdid it a little. We had the sky wedding which was beautiful but very windy. I would recommend it if it fits in your budget, but the zocalo beach gazebo was beautiful too. I'm from California and apparently we tip a lot. I had a hard time not tipping and it really added up for us. I'm sure I overdid it but I figure they deserve it. You definitely get better drinks when you take care of the bartenders. I'm going to be selling some stuff after I return, so be on the lookout if you see something you like in my pics. My reception was at Plaza Zavas and i recommend it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I gained so much from this forum and wouldn't have had the wedding I had if not for it. Now I want to share my experiences to help future brides. here are some photos... I was a little concerned using Caribe, but Javier was really great. here are some of my favorites that he took.
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