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  1. I would find it hard to believe they are booked up in the Nizuc Section to move your group as well, since this is a slower season for them. I think the pricing can be different between the sections, so I'm not sure if this is effecting their responses... We were there beginning of October and were told the occupancy was at ~40%-50%. Though, every week is different with convention groups, etc. She is correct that in the Sunrise main building, the new night club, the kids club and the sky bar (a new bar upstairs in the main building from which you cannot see the sky though does have a nice vibe) is all newly open - and all nice and enjoyable. However, there is extensive construction in the Sunrise Section, as of 3 weeks ago. The main lobby bar is all blocked off due to construction. Also, out by the pool one of the large palapa restaurants is closed due to the construction, which right by it a new outdoor seating area with a large new trellis is being constructed. Also, just adjacent to this is a large walled off area - I peeked through a hole in the plywood and there was a huge hole in the ground. Not sure what they are building there, but whatever it is, it is big and probably will be really cool. I also noticed large sections of rooms which had extensive construction, the whole room gutted. Our group had rooms in the Nizuc Section but multiple times took the lobby to lobby bus over to Sunrise to go the Sky Bar after dinner, which was really nice. Because so many people were staying in Nizuc, the lobby bar every night was packed. Not a lot of people were going over to Sunrise, I think due to the construction, and the Sky Bar, though smaller, wasn't crazy crowded and we always found a seat. There are pros and cons to each of the three sections, but it really was easy to get from one area to another, whether you took the lobby to lobby bus or just walked off dinner to get to one of the bars in the other sections. Even if your group has rooms in the Sunrise Section, it is super easy to hang go to and hang out in all the sections. Though it may be a bit more convenient, if say some people love the Nizuc pool but aren't staying in that section, it in no way is a buzz kill. We had quite a few people staying in Nizuc and loved the Grand pools, no complaints from anyone. Construction sounds really scary, before seeing it. And though there is a lot of construction, even just over the 10 days we were there they worked really fast. Who knows what may already be finished by the time you get there! I think the biggest cons to the Sunrise side with the current construction are these: 1. when walking into the Sunrise lobby you don't have the 'awe' as you do when walking into the Nizuc lobby 2. the pool area at Sunrise has construction just by the end of the pool, which can be loud and a little dusty - but there are A LOT of pool spots throughout the resort that have no construction adjacent to it
  2. I'm so sorry you had such a hard first day! I didn't know know about the construction on the Sunrise side either, until we got there. From what I understand, it's just started pretty recently, and I agree it is extensive! I would have done just as you did, move everyone over to the Nizuc side. Our entire group was in Nizuc and it was wonderful. My now husband and I were there for 10 days, we never ate breakfast, lunch or dinner on the Sunrise Side, only Nizuc, Grand and the Golf Course. We never hung out at the pools on the Sunrise side. We didn't feel that we were missing out at all. The place is so huge, you can just not go to the Sunrise side and still have a great vacation! I am not sure about the facilities on the Sunrise Side, such as the ballrooms, given the construction. When we had our meeting with Daniela, the wedding coordinator, she suggested we move the welcome dinner and farewell breakfast from the Art Terrace (Sunrise Side) to Nizuc, given the construction and the location of our group. We did, and there weren't problems. She let everyone know upon arrival that the dinner location had changed, no one got lost, all was OK! As far as the food, keep your mind open. Between Nizuc, Grand and the Golf Course, there are a few good and a few great restaurants. We live in Las Vegas and are huge foodies. Really, for the price paid at this resort, overall the food is very good. Maybe you just had a bad experience with that restaurant and since you were upset already with everything else, it carried over for the rest of the day. There are always going to be things that go wrong that are out of your control. Do what you can to fix them, and make sure you have a good time! I know it can be hard, but you have to let things go a bit or it will consume you the whole time you are there! The first couple of days were so stressful for us as well, but it will get better as you get your bearings and get things figured out.
  3. Yes, they refund after the trip, and I'm not sure how long it takes to get the reimbursement.
  4. Ladies - I am at Moon Palace now and just had our wedding, cocktail hour and reception yesterday. Luckily, the weather was perfect and everything worked out GREAT! For those concerned about the weather for next week, when I looked at the forecast for this week last week, it showed rain all week and I was very worried. But, the thing I found out is even if it is going to rain for only 15 mins, it shows rain for that day. I have been here now for almost a week, and the most rain we've had is at most once per day, for 15-20mins, and then it's done! It's just the time of year. So don't be afraid your whole vacation will be rained out! I'll be posted a whole bunch more once I get back, got lots of pics of the terraces that I didn't see on here before I left - trying to give back to this awesome site! :-) Last note - Daniela Lara has been WONDERFUL!!!!
  5. I definitely plan to take lots of pictures. This site has given me so much info, and I'll do what I can to give back more info for sure!
  6. I fly out on Wednesday, crazy it's almost here... The weather does show for rain, but when I was in Cancun last time the rain was sporadic and not crazy most days. Even to where it was raining in one area and not in another. For a few days, it was consistent - sunny and awesome weather until about 2pm, then the clouds rolled in and the rain was so hard you literally saw a wall of water coming towards the shoreline from the ocean. It would rain for about an hour, then stop and be sunny again! Just keep your fingers crossed, and even if it does rain, keep perspective on what's important and don't let the logistics of the day take away the good parts!
  7. So, I was curious if anyone else knew that there are 2 Danielas? Daniela Ocampo Morales, who I've been working with for the last couple of moths over email (and has been amazing) sent me an email today saying that I have a new coordinator, starting today, named Daniela Lara! Hopefully this Daniela will be as great as the first Daniela!
  8. Daniela has really been a god send! She is responsive and so nice, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders with her as my contact and trying to organize everything with 35 people coming. I'm looking forward to meeting her in person and definitely plan on bringing her a big tip for after the wedding. Moon Palace should have her train the other coordinators! For the extra events, like a brunch or welcome dinner, it was hard for me to justify spending the extra money they charge for the terraces (beach and upper level terraces). I saw the Art Terrace in another girls review and thought it would be perfect. Given where we are, I didn't want events in the ballroom, and the Art Terrace overlooks the pools and the ocean (at least as far as I could tell from the photos), and it is just outside of one the restaurants, so there isn't an additional charge (so long as you have the free events). Win - Win!
  9. What a great planning thread!! And everything looked amazing. I am IN LOVE with your cake topper idea, trying to find the bits to replicate it. Any chance you still have it and want to sell it? :-) Congratulations!!
  10. These are so great! I've looked on Amazon for the luggage tags. Did you get the ones that require the use of a laminating machine?
  11. I looked back at my wedding contract, signed back in November 2011, and it doesn't say anything about the free events with the group nights at all! Anyone that has a signed contract with the included group events information - is it on the group contract or the wedding contract?
  12. I got an email from Ocean Photo Studio as well this week. At the bottom of the email it had the Smile Market logo, so I'm guessing it's just a subsidiary or sister company or something. Either way, I'm not using them. Del Sol all the way!
  13. After confirming locations and extras with Daniela over email, I got a Purchase Order from her saying that we had to pay before we arrive. This was the first I've heard of this, given that as far as I knew we could pay at checkout for these items. But, given the awesomeness of Daniela so far, her quick responses and the fact that the changes the wedding department has made look to be for the best, I'm not going to question it. We have to pay for everything else for a trip like this in advance, so why not the wedding extras as well.
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