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Hi everyone, I'm Becki and I'm a Newbie:) My husband Erick and I have actually now been married of 2 years since June 1, 2007 and we're planning to Renew our Vows in a Destination location that we're still trying to figure out, something nice and warm and affordable for all of our guests. We are trying to keep our date for June 1st, although it might be during our 4, 5, or 6 Year Anniversaries so we can save up and have a mini vacation/Vow Renewal that our guests can enjoy!


I'll give you all a little background about my husband and I. As I mentioned we were married June 1, 2007 and this was a very short ceremony by a Justice of the Peace here in Virginia. We wanted the big wedding, but we had a baby due a month later, so short and simple was for us then, now we are looking foward to having our closest family members and friends with us including our son (and him not kicking in my stomach this time).

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Originally Posted by MegaShay View Post
Congrats on your vow renewal and welcome!
Thank you so much! We're taking all the planning right now little by little, but enjoying the planning of it:)

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