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Help! I need help with wording invitations:


(1) Start Time.

My photographer has suggested that the ceremony start at 4:00 pm (this is one hour prior to sunset).


For the invitations -- should I have the ceremony time listed as 4:00 or 3:30, knowing that some people may be late?

What have other people done?


(2) Reponse Card.

We have chosen seafood as our main entree, however we realize that not everyone eats seafood.

We also don't want to provide people with tons of options b/c we do not want to have that much complication. How does this wording sound:

"Seafood will be served for dinner,

Kindly let us know if you prefer another choice"

Has anyone run into this, or do you just provide people with a choice and deal with the extra complication: Seafood/Non-seafood meat/veggie.


THANK YOU for your help!

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You could put:

"Seafood will be served for dinner, kindly let us of any dietary concerns."

That would cover allergies, vegetarians and picky eaters.

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Hi - I would put the actual start time on the invititation. People should know to get there in time!


As for the dinner why not put:


Seafood dinner to follow

(Kindly advise if you require a different option)


By saying "require" you are basically saying - this is what we are having, unless you absolutely can't eat it!

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